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Default Re: Coro Coro Reveals More on Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl!

OMG, they just came out with the new legend's and they already have toys (thats Japan for ya).
About the new human characters, all I have to say is "Pikachu, I don't think we're in Japan anymore". I just can't seem to put my finger on where there look is from though.
And personally, I don't like the new legendarys, they don't look ANYTHING like what a Pokemon should be (WAAAAAAY to Gundam looking ).
IMO, I don't think the 3 revealed are the starters, they just don't add up .
And the one page has an animated image of two kids playing Pokemon with each other, standing on the opposite sides of Japan, so I think this most likely will be the online Pokemon game we've been looking for, WOOT!
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