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Default Re: Coro Coro Reveals More on Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl!

Originally Posted by camria View Post
I agree with you rocketto, I too think the little squirrel dude is awesome!
Here's my opinion.

Pearl Legendary- Semi-cool. I like it's nice, solid build.
Diamond Legendary- Kinda weird looking, especialy the head shape and face.
The Red Flower-like Pokemon- ...cute... looks like the average Pokemon.
The Blue Squirrle Dude- Looks too cute! Shame it's an Electric type.
The Scorpion Guy- WTF!?! Someone was drunk when they made this Pokemon, 'cause this Pokemon's as ugly as hell (though still better looking than Salamence).

As for the characters, I like them. Team Galexy also has cool uniforms, but kinda goofy hair. And YES! It has Wi-fi! Online Battling and Trading! Now I might be able to actually complete my REAL National Pokedex (just missing Mew, Jirachi, Deoxys, and Celebi).
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