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Default Re: Gym Leader's requirements

Originally Posted by boltAge
Agree, I was about to suggest that, but I thought it would be off-topic.

And Jack, oh lord oh moderator, how do we get the badge if we dont challenge them?
You can simply wait until you have all the other badges of that region. Why is is so hard to understand? I'm poor but if you insist on being mean and evil then I have to take the challenge. It's not like I'm not gonna take challenges, its just that this proposal would be bad. Neo Pikachu had the right idea. Make it for "all future applicants".

Originally Posted by Shane O Mac: Version 3.0
I dono why you people complain about how easy it is. If it's easy that means you can fight the Elite 4 that much quicker.
That's an evil way of thinking. You, Tony are an example of what I meant above.

Both of you are like talking to a wall .
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