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Default 01- Getting Started

The sunlight shines through the window on the two story house and into a room where a young adult prepares some things together. He is of moderate height and weight with light brown/golden hair and sea-blue eyes. A Vulpix lies on some sheets on the floor and watches. He walks down the steps with his pack full of stuff, followed by Vulpix and greets his family. They all give him hugs and say how much they will miss him.

"Son, make us proud. We all wish you good luck."

He nods and smiles. "I will." He opens the screen door and steps out with Vulpix playfully leading the way. Only going a few feet, the door opens again.

"Jack, don't forget your hat. You never go anywhere without it."

Jack feels his head and turns with a smile on his face. He runs up and grabs his blue hat. "Thanks Mom." He quickly turns back and walks away to start his mission.

His goal is to battle and get as many badges as he can and also make some new friends along the way. And maybe even become the champion. He has been preparing ever since he was ten, learning about everything he can learn about that dealt with Pokemon. Now at age eighteen, he would put his skills and knowledge to the test. The ultimate challenge!


His home is located on Route 11, the pathway between Vermillion City and Lavender Town. He heads west, toward Vermillion City. After a while of walking, at a quiet remote little area, Jack and Vulpix take a break. Vulpix lies down to take a little nap.

Jack turns his attention to the little fox Pokemon. "You seem tired. Here, come take a rest in your Pokeball." Vulpix nods and is recalled in the Pokeball. He takes out a mini-pocket organizer to look at his gym opportunities and where they are located. "Hmmm.... I think I’ll start over in the Johto League. That way, by the time I get there, I should have enough well trained Pokemon to battle with." He stands up and continues west to Vermillion, then from there, north, to Saffron City, to take the train to the Johto League.

~Original Post: October 2001 @ Omega Club


Wow, brings back memories. This was just a quick introduction to my character setting out. I borrowed the Kanto setting from an RP that I had joined, as well as Vulpix being my pet Pokemon. I may have been one of the few people that didn't start with Professor Oak giving me a Pokemon, heh. (Only R/B and G/S generations were released at this time.) I was still a novice writer with much to learn.

You'll see with a lot of my early stories, that I will base situations off what happened in the group or what I had accomplished. For example: the Johto League had more Gym positions filled, so I decided my character would start there.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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