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Default AIM Free For All! Oh-ya.

1 Pokemon each
Free For All Battle
no items
No Sleeping moves except Rest. And no cheap Perish Song.

JT- Mr. Mime. Brad1313- Kingdra. EVIL- Breloom. Chao Breeder- Ludicolo. Barkley- Swampert. pidgeot- Lapras. We the Pichus...- Steelix. gun6- Dusclops.

Mr. Mime, Lapras, Breloom, Dusclops worked on defense the while everyone else attacked. Dusclops was Toxic'ed first turn. Steelix was out second round by Hydro Pump. Breloom (EVIL) disappeared, so he was dropped, would have been KO'd anyway. Kingdra took 3 HP Dragon Attacks by Ludicolo and was out by the third turn. Forth turn, the attackers attack Mr. Mime, breaking the sub. Swampert was also burned. Fearing Mr. Mime, everyone attacked it. Lapras and Dusclops are well defended, as Swapert burns itself to death and Ludicolo attacks. Lapras has had Sub up since second round, and not yet attacked. Dusclops uses Rest and while asleep, faints from Lapras/Ludicolo. Lapras plays a smart defense, while Ludicolo was open for attack. Confuse Ray helps. Ludicolo (CB) leaves the chat, never came back. I determined that Lapras would have won in the end.

After two hours....

Pidgeot $3,000
Chao Breeder $2,000
gun6 $2,000
Barkley $1,500
JT $1,500
Brad $1,000
Every Villian Is Lemons $500
We the Pichus $500

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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