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Default 07- A Fish Out of Water

Jack looks into the room and sees the Kakuna was not on the stretcher anymore. His eyes widened as he hopes what he is thinking has happened. Jack walks into the room, and searches around, to see if Kakuna was hiding, or if the window was open. After not finding him, Jack looks at the Pokeball then picks it up with his right hand. "Come on out Kakuna." The Pokeball opens and right before Jack's eyes was Kakuna. Yep, Jack has a new friend for his journey, and a good one too. Kakuna would help be a great addition.

After about ten minutes, Jack grabs his bag, some snacks, and heads out the door. He takes a flyer from his pocket out and looks at it. It’s about the tournament coming soon. He has four Pokemon now, and he needs two more just to enter. Jack knows he won't win the contest or even win one of the high prizes, he just wants to gain the whole experience of Pokemon battling. He may even do better than he thinks he would.

A girl stops Jack on the sidewalk outside the Pokecenter. "Wanna battle?" Jack was excited. His first battle. He accepts.

“Do we battle here?”

“No, silly. At the field next to the Pokecenter. I’ll show you.”

*cue 3v3 battle with Gurl53092*

Jack returns to the Pokecenter and slams the door behind him. He had lost the battle royally. Not one of her Pokemon were defeated. Nurse Joy nods and takes Jack's Pokemon for a quick healing and check up.

Jack uses this time to think about the battle. o O (How could I have won? Her Pokemon were much stronger than mine and she had all the advantages. Well, I shouldn't blame myself. I am new at this after all. Besides, my Pokemon did their best and that's all I can ask for.) O o

The Pokemon are returned later. Nurse Joy heads back to continue her busy work of helping sick and injured Pokemon. Jack gets up off the chair he had been sitting in and heads back out of the Pokecenter. "No more battles until I get my minimal requirements for that tourney." Jack marches down the street, not letting anything distract him from his train of thought.

On the west, outside of Vermillion City, there are trees and trees and, look, some more trees. Some trees have small bushes around them, while other trees have large bushes. A single river flows through the west land which runs into the Vermillion City bay area. Very peaceful indeed.

"I'm sure there are Pokemon I can catch over here." He searches high and low, around the trees, under rocks, over hills, in the bushes.

"Karp karp magikarp."

Jack raises his head to the direction of the cries. He jumps over a bush and lands on the lowered dirt. "A Magikarp? On land?" Magikarp was jumping up and down, flopping every which way. Faintly, Jack could hear rushing water not to far from him. "So, you've fallen out of the water huh?" Jack thought for a second about helping this poor Magikarp back into the water but had a different idea. This could be his fifth Pokemon, one step closer to entering in the tourney. Jack grabs his Pokeball containing Farfetch'd and throws it out.


"I need this Magikarp," he mutters to himself. "Farfetch'd, Fury Attack."

Farfetch'd runs forward with his webbed feet. Magikarp jumps up into the air. Farfetch'd stops underneath Magikarp, who falls down with a Tackle slap, and hits Farfetch'd.

“Slash it back!”

Farfetch'd slashes down with its leek and strikes Magikarp hard. "Karppp!" Magikarp does a tricky spin and smacks Farfetch'd with its tail. Farfetch'd growls angrily and furiously smacks Magikarp with its leek (Fury Attack). Magikarp splashes around no more. ".......kaarrrrp......" Farfetch'd begins to kick up sand onto Magikarp.

Jack grabs an empty Pokeball. He motions to Farfetch'd to stop. Farfetch'd uses his blade beam False Swipe then backs away from Magikarp. "Pokeball..." The Pokeball sails through the air and sucks up the Magikarp with ease. It hits the ground and rolls around while the red light flickered on and off....

Original Post: December 2001 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Magikarp Caught!


So this is when I start putting in my battles. Every battle I had, I would list it in the story to take the place. And I did lose pretty bad. I chose to do this rather than write actual battles, because I didn't think it would add anything to the story. Eventually I stop listing them because my computer deleted the file and I lost my list.

I can't help but laugh at my description of the forest. Look, some trees! A lot of my early descriptions are pretty basic, or simply making fun of cliches.

The tournament is mentioned again, giving me plot reasons to go out and catch Pokemon. In my mind, I thought it would be funny to see a Magikarp splashing around on land. It's something bizarre that nobody would think about, heh. Of course, then you wonder why is it on the land. Which leads to the next story.

Now, you may have wondered about False Swipe. I use it again. At the same time I was in the URPG, I was in another Pokemon RP at Yahoo. The battles there were all about lowering HP and getting the Pokemon as close to fainting to make it easier to capture. So whenever I used Farfetch'd, I'd use that attack to make it clear to the grader that the Pokemon had hardly any health left. Not sure how well it influenced them, though. I was also playing FF7 at the time.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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