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Default 08- The Cause of the Fish Out of Water

The Pokeball stops shaking around. The land Magikarp is his. Jack quickly runs over to the Pokeball and grabs it from the ground. “Yes, one more to go.” He looks down at Farfetch’d. “Great job Farfetch’d. But next time let me call the attacks instead of you deciding to use them on your own. We will be a much better team if we work together.” Farfetch’d nods as he is recalled into the Pokeball.

The water can be heard more clearly now. The river flows at medium speed, with a couple boulders in the middle of the river, slowly withering away by the water’s erosion.

Jack has searched most of the land areas, why not search around the river. Maybe he would find a water type Pokemon, something he didn’t really have at the moment. Jack thought about all the water Pokemon he would like, which was a lot. But beggars can’t be choosers in a situation like this one. He needs one more, no matter what it is.

A large tree grows sideways and Jack jumps over it. The bank could be seen now. The grass slowly turns to dirt and small baseball sized rocks. Jack looks upstream then downstream. He looks back upstream. Magikarps all over the place, but not in the water like they should be. The Magikarps were flopping up and down on the land just like the one Jack had just caught moments ago.

“Darn! My land Magikarp isn’t so unique anymore.” Random people were running about, picking up the Magikarp and throwing them back into the water. Curious, Jack walks over to a kid younger than him. “What’s going on with these Magikarp?”

The kid doesn’t even look at Jack. “No time to talk. Ask Big Bob in the straw hat.” The kid runs away to help a Magikarp return to the water.

He looks around for a guy with a straw hat. “Aha!” Big Bob has been sited. He runs over to the big guy shouting out orders.

“Over there, a Magikarp just jumped out. Hey, no foolin’ round! This is serious work.” Big Bob turns to see a new face. “Ah, you must be them extra trainers I called up, yep.” He looks behind and all around Jack. “But I expected more than just one of ya’s.” He takes off his straw hat and scratches his comb-over hair. “I can’ts complain. One of ya’s is better than nun.”

So Big Bob needs trainers, but for what reason? Jack decides to play along. “What did you need me for? I forgot on my way here.”

Big Bob puts his hat back on. “I’ll tells ya a story. Two days ago, them Magikarp starts to jump out of ‘ere water. I live ‘round yonder trees and one jumps on into my house. So I comes over ‘ere and discover theres more jumpin’ out. I push them all back into the water. Next mornin’, them Magikarps are still outta the water. The reason why is ‘cause some Grimer got into this river and their slime pollutes the water. Yesterda’ I helps them Magikarp back into the water and scare alls them Grimer away. This mornin’ I check again, and them Magikarps are outta the water agains. Now I calls for trainers ta catch them Grimer so these Magikarp can live in the water.” Big Bob takes a sip of mountain spring water. “Now go, my Trainer. Every Grimer caught equalls big rewards.”

It’s like a contest. Who can catch the most Grimer wins the grand prize. Yeah! But Jack only needs one. He was about to speak but Big Bob shoos him away.

Jack walks down the river bank. “Gee, Big Bob must have ditched English class.” A couple Trainers could be seen. One with a Pinsir, another with a Wartortle. All the Grimer were out and about, sliming all around this area. This was Jack’s moment to help and test his skills and also catch another Pokemon. The reward didn’t matter to him, he just wanted the Pokemon prize.

On the other side of a large boulder, a Trainer was fighting a Grimer with a Graveler. Grimer jumps off of a tree, leaving a rotten mark, and lands on Graveler. Graveler rolls forward, causing Grimer to jump off before it got flattened. Graveler picks up a rock and throws it. Grimer splats with the hit. The trainer throws a Pokeball at the weakened Grimer. In it goes and it stays there.

“Yeah!” cries the Trainer. “That ten minute battle may have been long, but it was worth it.” The Trainer walks away to search for more.

Jack had watched all of it. The battle had really mesmerized him. He shakes his head. “Must focus on the task at hand.” Jack walks back to the river and stops. He looks left then right, scanning the river for any Grimer.

A purple blob surfaces its head in the water. Jack grabs a Pokeball but was beaten by a Trainer on the other side of the river. His Pidgeotto swoops down and picks up Grimer, taking it out of the water and into the forest to battle. Jack sighs and continues scanning the river.

After about five minutes, Jack’s eyes become tired. But.... ”Hey, that rock looks different, a kinda purplish color. And I don’t think it was there a second ago. Or, I could be seeing things.” He picks up a small rock and throws it at the unusually shaped rock in the water. It hits. The rock moves; it’s a sleeping Grimer.

Jack looks up and down the coast, no trainers, this one was his. A Pokeball lands on the soft dirt and Vulpix happily comes out, greeting her trainer with a cheerful sound. “Vulpix, Flamethro......”

The Grimer sights the little fire fox and dives under water. “Scratch that.” Another Pokeball is thrown, this time in the water. Magikarp comes out. “Magikarp, get that Grimer out of the water.” Magikarp swims over to the bank and flops out of the river. Jack falls down with a sweatdrop. “Right, polluted water. My bad.” Magikarp is returned. “That Grimer has to surface sometime. So...” His third Pokeball comes out and Farfetch’d flies up into the air. He remembers the Pidgeotto grabbing that other Grimer. “When the Grimer surfaces, grab it and bring it on land.”

Grimer suddenly shoots out of the water and lands on a flat boulder in the middle of the flowing stream. “Now!” Farfetch’d swoops down. Grimer flattens its body and avoids the grab. Vulpix steps forward, ready to fire with her fire. “No Vulpix, you might hit Farfetch’d.” Jack snaps his fingers as Farfetch’d swoops down again for another miss. The forth Pokeball exits Jack’s right hand and Spinarak comes out. “Farfetch’d, let Spinarak ride on your back.” Farfetch’d flies left, avoiding the attacking Grimer as it tries a jumping Tackle attack. Farfetch’d lands next to the spider and gladly accepts riding company. Farfetch’d takes off, with Spinarak on his back. Meanwhile, Grimer sits on the flat boulder, using Harden and Acid Armor to protect against this Trainer.

Jack stands in battle position. “Ok Spinarak, use Spider Web to trap that Grimer from escaping back into the water. And Farfetch’d, use Agility to speed it up.”

Farfetch’d flies around Grimer’s rock in circles while Spinarak spits out lines of web. Grimer stares blankly into the sky, still using Harden, as sticky webs fall on it. Farfetch’d flies down, leek forward like a jousting match, and jabs Grimer with four different rushes. Grimer snaps out of a dazed state and angers up. Grimer takes some sludge from its body and throws it at the flying menace. Farfetch’d and Spinarak take the hit full on. (Big anime sludge explosion.) With sludge blocking it’s wings, Farfetch’d spiral dives *SPLASH* into the river. Spinarak jumps off seconds before and lands nicely on the flat rock that Grimer is on.

“Farfetch’d, you did your best. But a wet bird can’t fly well. Come on back.” Farfetch’d is returned. Jack turns his attention to Spinarak. “Go for it. Try Psychic ability.”

Grimer slimes over to Spinarak very slowly, due to the webbing still on it. Spinarak chirps as the face on his back glows. Grimer looks around from side to side, then down. It was in the air.

Jack laughs. “I didn’t know Grimers could fly.” Indeed, Grimer was up in the air. “Lift it up as high as you can.” Up, up, up. Grimer went up above the trees just barely. Spinarak began to shake uncontrollably. The Psychic wouldn’t last too much longer. “Ok, let it go.” Spinarak’s back stops glowing, exhausted. Grimer falls down............................ *poof* (Wile E. Coyote cliff scene.) Grimer lands back on the flat rock in the middle of the river. “It would have helped had you dropped Grimer away from the river.”

Grimer barely manages to rise. Thankfully, it was free from the web. Spinarak weakly jumps on Grimer and squeezes as tight as he could. Grimer wiggles a slimy arm free and Pounds Spinarak in the side. Spinarak jumps off of Grimer. *SLASH* *SLASH* *SLASH* Spinarak triple Fury Swipes Grimer causing Grimer to collapse on the ground.

Jack pulls out a Pokeball. “Suck out all its energy with Leech Life and gain some health while your at it.” Grimer attempts to Pound Spinarak but misses due to a slow reaction time. Spinarak jumps on the fallen Grimers’ back and begins to suck out the life.

Spinarak jumps off of Grimer after a short while. Spinarak didn’t want to take too much health or it would die. “Great timing.” Grimer’s body slowly moves up and down as a sign it was still breathing, but rather slowly. “I hope I can reach Grimer from here.” Jack throws the Pokeball over to the flat boulder in the middle of the river. However, it was overthrown. Luckily, Spinarak catches it with a String Shot and reals it in. Spinarak then pushes the Pokeball against Grimer’s slimy body. Grimer goes in.

“Let’s hope this is one less polluter in this river. These Magikarp need their water in order to live.” He watches the Pokeball from where he was on land as it rocked back and forth every so often....

Original Post: January 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Grimer Caught!


Big Bob is such a cliche southern hick, heh. I always wondered what would happen if a group of Grimer invaded a lake or stream. Someone would report the disturbance, and the local Pokemon Center would make a posting, asking for Trainers to help. Something like that. I can imagine a lot of calls about Grimer, since they're very good at making a stink wherever they are.

In this story, we get to see Jack isn't as perfect as he thought. Sending Vulpix and Magikarp were just bad choices, but it made for a funny scene. Also missing the Pokeball throw at the end. The battle was tricky to write up, since it was in a river with no level ground, and I tried to make use of air tactics. Grimer really wasn't very popular at the time, so this was an easy catch.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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