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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Manga: Saishu-Heiki Kanojo Sidestory
Read: The whole 1-shot
ESRP rating: Adults (18+), explicit gore and nudity, highly suggestive themes
Genre: War Romance

SaiKano Sidestory celebrates the coming of its anime, Saishu-Heiki Kanojo (Ultimate Weapon Girlfriend), written by Takahashi Shin. Let's show a comment done by SnoopyCool, which illustrates why I'm doing this review:

"SaiKano... every description I can think of just falls short. However I will say that it is a love story for people at least over 16 or 17. And if you aren't into mature themes, this probably isn't for you. However, I highly recommend this to all of you, it holds a lot of lessons that should be taken to heart."

Quality of the drawings

It's a war story, and the setting, the graphics, and everything else just clicks into place. It just felt horrific.



It's a one-shot, the plot is amazing. It really does look deep into a soldier's mind, it shows WHY. I can't really say anything about the plot, since it's like the whole thing if I tell you.



Particularly well developed for a 1-shot. The two main characters are taken into account for all.



It's from the POV of a soldier, it's quite like the previous war stories, but this one is particularly well done.



It teaches, the weapon itself. I really liked this story, even if it is one-shot. It does make me want to read the 7 volumes of SaiKano. As I said, this is really worth your time.


47/50 or 9.4

I'm agreeing with SnoopyCool here, it's one of the best stories done and one of the most meaningful.

- Kenny C., not a war veteran
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