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Default Re: Husnain's Reffing Log

No items or Hold items
Normal Terrain

[Navel Island]


JhotoTrainer: Golduck, Snorlax, Charizard.
Fenix: Gengar, Venusaur, Lapras

Golduck fell asleep, by Gengar who was then swithced in for Snorlax who became confused and fell asleep. On 26%, Lax KOed Gengar with 2 Shadow Balls after waking up and snapping outta confusion. [He also fell asleep again but awoke on the next turn tp finish Gengar xD] Vena went down to 9% with brn. Used Rest and then KOed with 2 Sleep Talked Tackles and a Sludge Bomb after waking up. Zard came in KOed Vena. Lapras came out and used Surf while Zard used Sunny Day. Then a Fire Blast and Flamethrower took care of Lapras.


JhotoTrainer: 3000$ and Sea Ruby Badge.
Fenix: 1500$

I get 1500$
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