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Default 10- The Moving Tree

The cool air sweeps through the trees, blowing off brown and tan leaves from them. The sun hides behind the clouds, making the area a little bit darker than it was a little bit ago. And in a grassy meadow, ahead on the route, a Stantler chews on some grass to fulfill his hunger.

The black limo slowly starts out of the grass from where it was parked and rolls onto the pavement a short distance away, leaving small tire tracks behind in the dirt. Jensen, the driver, takes orders from Marty to take the long way to Saffron City. Jensen replies with a nod. And wouldn’t ya know, Jack is along for the ride. His Pokeballs are placed in a Mini-Healer machine which was designed to heal any Pokemon. It was just like the ones at the Pokecenters except it was smaller and usually took twice as fast to heal the Pokemon. Marty told Jack that it was very expensive to purchase but it has been worth every penny.

Wait a minute. Why is Jack getting a ride with them? Oh right, for saving Marty from that Magnemite, of course. Marty is a very close relative of the owner of Silph Co., hence, why he is rich, or rather why his parents are rich. Marty is only ten years old. Their high pricey mansion is in Saffron City. Marty told him that he loves to enter contests and competitions that deal with Pokemon battling. That is the reason they were in Vermillion in the first place. Oh, and about the Grimer catching contest by Big Bob, Marty was upset. When Jack’s Spinarak webbed Marty and Jensen up, a Grimer took all the Pokeballs Marty had and released all the captured Grimer. It turns out that Marty never caught a single one of them, he stole them from other hard working trainers. Marty apologized to Jack for trying to steal his Grimer that he caught and Jack accepted. Anyway, Marty was kicked out by Big Bob. He walked away empty handed with no Grimer in his possession. So, Marty makes it up by giving Jack a ride.

The normal way to Saffron would take one hour, the long way about two hours. But the trip wasn’t going to be that fast either. About twenty minutes pass by while driving, Marty asks Jensen to pull the limo over. Marty takes his only Pokemon, Wartortle, and challenges one of the three Trainers that happen to be walking on the side of the road. Each Trainer gladly accepts and quickly beat his Pokemon each time. After each battle, they used the Mini-Healer for a quick heal. Now Jack steps up to challenge the three Trainers.

(Cue 3v3 battle with princeash58)
(Cue 3v3 battle with the_slayed_dragon)
(Cue 3v3 battle with the_slayed_dragon)

The three battles Jack had, he lost but his Pokemon are becoming stronger, he can feel it. For one thing, Kakuna evolved into Beadrill. His hard work pays off. And Jack is becoming stronger as a Trainer also. While continuing down the road, the Pokeballs from Jack and Marty are placed in the Mini-Healer for treatment.

A good twenty-five minutes go by and the limo stops again and another battle begins.

(Cue 1v1 battle with flareon008)

He won this battle. His first win! Jack is so proud that he is improving Training his Pokemon. Ten minutes later, another battle happens.

(Cue 2v2 battle with triforcemaster)

Another win- Jack couldn’t believe his luck. Plus, Magikarp, his little fishy, grows really big and evolves into Gyarados. “Awesome!” is all Jack can say.

This sure is Jack’s day. He caught Magnemite and Metapod. Evolutions to Beadrill and Gyarados. Not to mention, two wins in a row. Could his day be any better? Probably.

Lunch passes by, so Jensen decides to pull over and serve some food. Lucky as they are, a picnic table happens to be twenty feet away, with benches and all. Jack and Marty stand by and watch as Jensen puts a table cloth on the table and sets up some fancy silverware and plates. Jensen begins to chop away on the table- what is he making? Ah, it is clear now. Sandwiches with all the works. One with rye bread, ham, lettuce and Grey Poupon; this one is for Marty. Jensen asks what Jack wants. He makes an odd request: white bread with tuna and cinnamon sprinkled on. (Yes, it does taste good!) Jensen then makes a double decker sandwich for himself. The three eat in peace and quiet, only the wind and their chewing be heard.

After Jack finishes his sandwich, he lets out all of his Pokemon. Because he had over six now, Jack had six on his belt and the rest go in his bag. Each Pokemon of his received a bowl with food in it; his own food, not the rich food. Vulpix, Spinarak, Beedrill, Gyarados, Metapod, Grimer and Farfetch’d all ate their designated food. Though, Gyarados needs a lot more food but unfortunately, Jack can’t bring so much with him. Magnemite, however, was not the type of Pokemon to eat, so it sneaks into the limo and sucks some electrical power from the Mini-Healer. Marty keeps an eye on that Magnemite, hoping it doesn’t come near him.

Now everyone had eaten something, except for Marty’s Wartortle. While with Marty only for a short time, Jack realizes that Marty doesn’t take good care for his Pokemon and does not train him well. Marty did lose all those battles against the Trainers on the road. Maybe Marty knows he isn’t strong and that is why he steals Pokemon from other Trainers because Wartortle isn’t trained well enough. Then again, he is only ten years old.

While Jensen packs up the picnic, Marty walks around. The area was rather flat, and barren, only trees and bushes further away from the street. They were in a clearing of grass and weeds. *RUSTLE* Marty tilts his head in the direction of the noise. Leaping out of the bush, a Stantler approaches the strange people.

“Pokemon on the field,” Marty calls out.

Stantler nears the picnic table, smelling everything along the way.

Jensen, is near the limo, Jack is five feet from the table, and Marty, is in the clearing. Everyone freezes. “Don’t move!” Jack suggests. “Any sudden movements might scare it away. And don’t worry about being attacked, Stantler are very calm Pokemon and rarely attack people. Show it we’re nice people and nothing will go wrong.”

Stantler moves around the table , walking farther from Jack. It sniffs the loaf of rye bread that wasn’t packed yet. *GRAB* Stantler snaps at the loaf with its mouth, leaps over the table and runs to the forested area. Stantler has stolen their loaf of rye bread.

Jack unfreezes. “I’d chase after it but I don’t like rye.” Instead, Marty sprints from his spot and dashes, like a cheetah, into the forested area. “Wow, he must really like rye bread.” He grabs the last of the things on the table and brings them to the limo.

Jensen meets him halfway, “Please get that rye bread back. It cost us lots of money and I’d get in a huge amount of trouble if Madam ever found out it was stolen by a Pokemon. Marty can’t do it alone, he is not strong enough to be a trainer. But you are. So please, get it back.”

o O (Should I do it? His Wartortle is not trained well enough.) O o “Ok, I’ll go.” o O (And maybe I can catch it.) O o

So, Jack goes out into the forested area. The forest is peaceful, much like every forest with trees, bushes, rocks and the rest of the forest things (I don’t want to describe it, you all know what a normal forest looks like, I hope). The wind is still in the air, making it slightly windy out, about 15mph, the same as a bicyclist going by.

Jack presses up against a ‘tree’ and looks around it. Nothing. Marty could not be seen. He could call out his name, but Jack didn’t want to. If he didn’t find him after ten minutes, then he will scream names.


o O (What was that?) O o Jack looks around the area, only seeing trees, trees and more trees. Still leaning up against the ‘tree’, he scratches his head. “What an odd shaped tree this is, and an odd brown color too.”
o O (Again with that noise. Where did it...) O o Jack glances up at the tree he was leaning against. Behind some tree branches, a smile from a Sudowoodo can be seen. Jack takes one second to react. He jumps backwards about 5 feet and stares at the Sudowoodo.

“Yuk, I caressed a Sudowoodo.” It drops its tree branches to reveal itself. It charges at Jack, arms(or are they branches?) forward. Sudowoodo wraps its arms around the human, hugging him. “You know what, thanks for the hug but,” he tickles Sudowoodo and it lets go of him, “I have to get going to find a Stantler with some rye bread.” He backs away.

“Sudowoodo!!” it says cheerfully, rushing towards him again.

With a quick decision, he runs for it. “Phew!” Jack had made it away from Sudowoodo, or so he thought.

“Woodo sudowoo...”

*SIGH* He was not able to get away from it. o O (Sudowoodo are said to be rare in the wild like this. Hmmm....) O o “If you don’t quit following me, I’m gonna have to catch you so I can get back to what I was doing.” Sudowoodo simply stares at Jack, then charges again for another hug. Quickly, He grabs a Pokeball and sends it out. “Go Gyarados!” The massive Pokemon comes out and Sudowoodo runs into it. Gyarados screams loud enough for people to hear for miles and miles. Sudowoodo looks up and slowly backs away.

“Sudo woodo woodo woodo sudo!”

Jack commands an attack. “Use Water Gun to scare it away.” Gyarados sprays out a stream of water which Sudowoodo dodges by running quickly away from sight. “Gone. Now I can go back to finding Marty. Great job Gyarados.” Gyarados screams again as he is returned to his Pokeball.

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