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Default 14- Small Vacation Time

Jack stands up from his little break from training with Beedrill and heads for the water. Suddenly, his foot sinks into the ground, and he collapses in a small hole. “Ouch.”

“Diglett!!” A Diglett pops up on the surface of the grassy field.
He can barely see it. “Ha ha, we have here a very funny Diglett.” Bellsprout wanders over and extends her vines. Jack grabs hold and hangs on, lifting him back to his feet. “Thanks Bellsprout. Now for the Diglett.” But it was gone. “I see how it is. Bellsprout, tell everyone to watch for a Diglett.” Bellsprout nods and runs off.

A couple more minutes flow by, and Jack stands watching Stantler eating grass about twenty yards away. Then he notices a Miltank moseying along, eating grass like a lawn mower. In fact, the Miltank wasn’t even looking where she was going. *BONK* The cow head and the deer head collide. Miltank stands upright on her two back legs and gives Stantler a good yelling. Stantler yells on back. Probably saying something like ‘this is my grass, go away’ and Stantler might respond, ‘why should I, I was here first’.

Jack walks over. “Hey, hey Miltank.... don’t have a cow.” He stops to think about what he said and chuckles. “Ok... uh, Stantler just let her be.” But Miltank was too mad already and charges in and hits Stantler. “I hate doing things the hard way. Stantler, use Hypnosis.”
Miltank watches the waves and imagines she is in a field all by herself. “That should last for a while.”

Meanwhile at the lake, Gyarados swims around holding his head up high. This is his lake, no Pokemon allowed except for his fellow Pokemon of his trainer. Gyarados squirms as he feels a difference in the pressure of the water. Even with his height advantage over the water, he can’t see who or what has entered the lake.


Jack turns about face to see Gyarados screaming in pain. Gyarados slashes the water in front of him to flush out a spinney Pokemon. Qwilfish splashes into the water away from Gyarados. With the intrusion of a wild Pokemon, and the fact that its spiky skin poked him, Gyarados strikes first without warning. Another Trash attack smacks Qwilfish away.

“Ah come on Gyarados. Leave the cool looking Qwilfish alone. The lake is big enough for everyone.” But the fact that Qwilfish poked him gives reason to respond back. “Unless you have to prove your worth, then I understand completely. I’ve always liked Qwilfish so let’s catch this one. Use Hydro Pump!” But Gyarados is too far in Rage that it can’t hear what Jack has to say.

Qwilfish shoots little needles at Gyarados for a small affect. But the poison darts won’t bring the big fish down. He screams and charges Qwilfish and bats it around hard. Even with its spikes hitting Gyarados, he takes the pain full on. Then the small Qwilfish blasts a Hydro Pump, nailing his head. Gyarados counters back with an even ferocious Hydro Pump, which blasts water in all direction upon impact.
Ariados nudges Jack’s leg and takes his attention away from the lake. “What is it?” Ariados points to the field– Miltank and Stantler are going at each other like, uh, two Pokemon really going at each other. “Hypnosis didn’t last that long.” *SIGH* “There’s only one way to solve this... actually, there’s two but running away doesn’t count. I must defeat the Miltank to gain respect for this area.” All of Jack’s Pokemon form around him, waiting to go into battle to help their fellow friends. Ariados jumps out, “No, I must play fair with one on one battles. Two against one is not fair. With my guidance, we can do this Stantler.”

Stantler rushes head first, hard on Take Down into the gut. Miltank flails down but recovers instantly. No fooling around now, Miltank runs forward and jumps, curls into a ball, spins and completes her attack. Rollout has begun.

“Blast it with Psychic attack.”

Stantler’s antlers fire a fat line of purple Psychic waves which goes into, but deflects off, Miltank. *SMACK* Stantler is hit to the side.

“Ah, Stantler. Avoid it next time.” Ariados nudges again. “Huh? Oh, Gyarados....” To the lake behind him, Jack watches a fierce battle in the water. There is nothing he can say to Gyarados, it’s all anger. The only thing he can do is watch.

Water violently splashes around the lake. It’s not very deep, maybe ten feet. But the little Qwilfish will not give in, it’s trying its hardest to defend from Gyarados. What kind of wild Pokemon will stand up against a Gyarados? Not many.

Qwilfish has loaded up with enough water and fires out many little pins. Gyarados shakes the hits away but a blast of the sucked up water pushes him back. Qwilfish then zips in and pokes Gyarados again, this time with a poisoning affect.

But Jack has already turned around to aid Stantler in her battle. Rollout seemed to be hitting most of the time, Stantler was almost down. “Need a plan... something.” Staring at the antlers gives him an idea. Miltank turns around again and rolls along, spinning faster and doing more damage. “Ok, antlers down.” Stantler puts her antlers on the ground, like a ramp. Miltank gets ever so close... “Now, up!” Miltank lands on them and up into the air the cow goes, launched by an upward motion of the antlers. “Quick, Psychic ability.” Miltank loses her spin as the blanket of Psychic strength streams by. *GLOMP* Miltank lands hard on the ground, struggling to get up but manages to do so. Stantler rushes in and knocks the cow down with a last Take Down.

“You are defeated Miltank. Let Stantler graze this area in peace.”

“Milllllll!!!!!” Miltank rushes with all her energy at Stantler. No Rollout, probably not enough energy.

“Ok...” Jack sinks under the ground in another hole again. “DIGLETT!” He thinks of a great idea. Bellsprout helps him out of the hole again. “If that Diglett shows up again, be prepared Bellsprout.”

Miltank has hit Stantler again, and rushes for one more. “Stantler, run toward me. It will be fine, come on.” Jack moves behind the hole, his Pokemon behind him. Miltank is right on her tail, literally. Stantler sees the hole and leaps over it, leaping over a ducking trainer too. Miltank realizes the trap, and tries to stop a couple seconds too late. Miltank hits the side and the bottom of the hole hard.

Stantler lay next to Jack, all worn out like. “Rest Stantler.” To Miltank, “We have proven we can stay here. Even though you lost, it would be an honor for you to be on my team. Together, we can be strong and become stronger.” Jack nods at the tiring cow. “Bellsprout, use Sleep Powder.” The hole fills with blue powder, no way to escape. The tired Miltank slips into slumber land.

Water flushes over the land, covering Jack and all his Pokemon, filling the hole with water. Vulpix cries from getting wet. “No, Miltank will drown.” She lay at the bottom, sleeping. Seconds later, the water lowers and disappears through the bottom of the hole. Diglett must have dug a hole. “Phew.”

Gyarados wobbles back and forth, feeling bad from the poison. “Gyarados, put your anger aside. You need to think about what you’re doing. Let me help you.” Gyarados gives a poisoned sympathetic look at the Trainer that loved him as a Magikarp. “Alright, use Dragon Rage.”


“What’s that Muk? Gyarados is poisoned? Man, I have to recall him quick before it becomes serious.” But the attack had already started.

Gyarados does a ritualistic dance in the water, going in circles, faster and faster. A cyclone is created, sucking water from the lake straight into it. Qwilfish has no place to go but up. ‘Round and ‘round it goes, when it will stop, only Gyarados knows. The twisting and twirling gives way, Qwilfish fires out of the cyclone and lands down into the water. *SPLASH* But Gyarados is also down in the water; the poison has gotten to him. Qwilfish is out of it also, having no more energy left.

“Gyarados, well done job. You need a major rest. Return.” Gyarados is back in his Pokeball. “Now it’s your turn Pokeball. Time for me to have a Qwilfish.” And it’s thrown, sucking Qwilfish inside. The ball floats around, shaking rapidly.

“As for Miltank...” A Pokeball is selected, and ready. *CAVE IN* A third Diglett hole is created. “Darn Diglett.” This time Snorlax pulls him out of the hole. Bellsprout lay zoned out on the ground. The mole Pokemon is gone once again. Now pulling his second of nearly infinite Pokeballs, the sleeping Miltank meets Pokeball and they combine.

“Phew...!!! Maybe I should get out of this area. It appears I’m not wanted by the wildlife.”

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(-o-) Qwilfish Caught!
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