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Default 15- Teleporting Fun

The breezy wind continues to blow through the open field and the lake reflects the gloomy sky effect. The grass-eating Miltank flee the area, after seeing one of its own captured. Jack kicks back and relaxes, looking up at the cloudy sky from his restful position. After the tough battle, all his Pokemon were exhausted and felt like taking a nap, except Snorlax who was already asleep and Sudowoodo who couldn’t stop running around. Now they all lie in their respective Pokeballs, sleeping and resting. But there was one of his Pokemon he had to do something about. His Gyarados had become poisoned from the Qwilfish and he needed something to heal it before it became worse. So he lets Sudowoodo the energetic tree out, hops on and rush over to the still broken train. Hopefully, there is a doctor or Nurse that can help.

Upon arrival of the train, everyone is either tired, bored, frustrated or all three. It has been five hours since the train had the crash with the car and all the people want to leave.

Jack steps off the back of Sudowoodo and looks around. “Is there anyone that knows how to cure a poisoned Pokemon.” He walks down the aisle of Trainers, repeating the question. Finally, he gets a response.

“Yes, I’m a Pokemon doctor.”

Looking over, he spots a well dressed man with a doctor bag with the red cross insignia on the side. “Could you please look at my Gyarados and cure the poison pain from him.”

The doctor smiles, walking to Jack. “Anything is better than sitting next to Yakky-yakky over there.” He points to a women, talking her mouth out to everyone. “I’ll even do it free of charge since it’s better than doing nothing.”

So, the two walk away from the train and the people so his tall Gyarados doesn’t harm or frighten anyone.

“Ggrrrrroooarr.....” Gyarados weakly says as he pops from the Pokeball. He feels his Trainer rubbing his side and lies down as told.

“Good Gyarados. This is a kind doctor who is going to help heal the poison. Just be calm and everything will be fine. Being fussy only helps the poison.” Gyarados relaxes with a sigh of relief.

The good doctor opens his small kit of doctor things: stethoscope, bottles of pills, cotton swabs, etc. “You say the poison comes from a Qwilfish during a battle. Hmmm... I think this should do it.” The Doctor walks up to the large Gyarados mouth, and Jack along side him. He pours the contents of a bottle into the mouth and quickly rushes away, expecting to be bitten. “Phew. That went well. Nice well behaved Gyarados you have.”

Jack sighs. “I know what he is going through. When I am sick, I don’t feel very well. You have to be calm in order to win against the virus.”

The doctor nods understandingly. “Ok, Gyarados should not be in an physical activity for at least the rest of this day. Lots of rest and it should be fine tomorrow.”

Jack kindly thanks the good doctor as he walks to a new location, away from the chattering woman. Jack pats his big fish and recalls him to his Pokeball for a good restful healing. Then Sudowoodo surprise hugs from behind, a tight squeeze. *SIGH* He recalls the hugging Pokemon.

Walking to the front of the train, where the conductor and other important figure heads remain, he asks for information. Unfortunately, the special part is taking longer than expected and might be a couple more hours. Pidgeot Express is taking too long and people begin calling it ‘Slowpoke’ Express.

After more waiting around, Jack decides for action. “I can’t stand this anymore.” Taking out a map and borrowing someone’s compass, he checks where he might be. Instead of waiting, he is going to walk to the nearest town settlement and go from there. Comparing the surrounding area with the landscape map, they seem to be on Route 45. “Hmmm... I can go north to Blackthorn City or go south to New Bark Town. Since one has a Gym, north is my destination.” Handing back the compass, he tells the ticket checking person he won’t be on the train when it is fixed. The guy marks his name and seat down on a list under some others whom probably already left hours ago.

Nearing dusk, Jack walks the northern path to Blackthorn City where he plans to go for his first badge. The trip may be long, but he will make it. Anything is better than laying around doing nothing.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going, non-trainer?” It appears to be the same guy that said he isn’t a real trainer. “Come on, have you gotten any more real? Let’s go.”

Jack turns around, Pokeball in hand, ready to defeat this guy.

(Cue 2v2 Battle with Gotenks2610)

The guy runs away from his loss of the battle.

“That’s right. Now who is less of a Trainer?”


With total night around the corner, Jack lets Gastly out for protection. He has been walking in the forest for quite awhile. The darkness shrouds the forest even more with the trees blocking the light. “It’s your job to make sure we are safe. I trust you that much.” Gastly spins vertically with his tongue sticking out. “Why is it you ghost types are so childish...?”

He sets up camp with his sleeping bag. This day is over. Gastly remains out to guard and watch the area for trouble. It’s doubtful that anything will happen, but Jack isn’t used to sleeping in the forest.

Jack yawns, opening his eyes to see that morning has come. However, his sleeping bag feels weird. He quickly jumps up from his state of sleepiness and points to the Teddiursa lying next to the sleeping bag. “Hey! Someone didn’t do their job last night.”

Gastly appears from the tree next to him, blinking as if he just woke up form his own sleep. “Gas Gassllyyy...”

“Oh, you think this is funny? Well, it kind of is.... but that is beside the point.”

Suddenly, Teddiursa wakes up from its sleep. “Teddi?” And just like that, it runs out of here, toward the distance.

Jack starts to chase but quickly gives up after a few steps. He is too tired from recently waking up, his muscles are sore, and he hasn’t eaten food for energy. “Ah well, I’ll catch one some other time.”

Energy bars are a quick and non-filling breakfast treat. This food is for the lazy people that don’t feel like making a good healthy first meal of the day. But it is also the ideal food for those on the road that can’t cook breakfast. “Want some?” he asks Gastly. The ghost shakes his body. “Oh, that’s right, you are made of gas and can’t eat food.”

So, after the meal, Jack gets the hike on the move. After every number of minutes, he would replace whatever Pokemon he has out with someone else. This way, he can give them each exercise and freedom. The exceptions are Snorlax, Qwilfish and Gyarados. He doesn’t want to put Gyarados out this fast until he thinks it necessary. Besides, how is a water Pokemon supposed to walk on land?

Noon time almost sets in. Walking from behind a tree, he spots a flash of purple 50 yards in front of him. Then a flash happens at the side ten seconds later. Then the flash appears beside him. “WHOA!” he says as he jumps back. The Abra makes itself apparent. It’s using Teleport to move around. *FLASH* It disappears but reappears to the east. Then vanishes again. “Hey, a psychic type would be cool to add to my team.”

However, before he can give chase, two guys in tan clothes show up, jogging in front of him, the same direction Abra first came from. “Hey, kid, did you see an Abra come by?”

“Uh, yeah. It went that way.” Pointing east, the two tan clothed guys wearing funny looking backpacks head off into that direction and disappear. “Darn, I guess they got it first.”

Twenty minutes after that little run it, Jack spots the same two guys and the Abra leaning against a tree. They pull out two gun like items from their backpacks, with a hose connecting from the gun into the backpack. The guns have a prong like wire in front. Interesting. They quickly move in closer and closer. The unknowing Abra only inches away, sleeping from its teleporting run, has the guns aimed straight at it.

Jack has no idea what to think. Guns are bad. “HEY!” he shouts out.

Abra wakes up from the noise and the action starts. A purple ray fires from each gun and surrounds Abra into a purple force field. One guy turns around, “Get out of here kid, this does not concern you.”

Like that is going to stop him. Bellsprout pops out from his Pokeball. “What are you doing to it?”

They see the Pokemon and answer quick. “We are scientists trying to catch this Abra because it escaped our lab. It is vital to our research. This ray gun does not hurt it, it only traps Abra so Teleport can’t work.”

Jack doesn’t buy it; it seems all too convenient. “Heh, well, I had a look at Abra when it passed me and I believe I saw fear.” He points out telling Bellsprout to trip them down. She reaches her vines out and sweeps at their feet, knocking them down and releasing the gun’s purple ray from Abra.

“Look what you have done. You broke my gun.” One gun down, but one left to go.

Bellsprout reaches her vines and the fallen victims and grabs them. Jack rushes over to Abra, who seems to be unconscious, and picks it up. As if by accident, Jack watches the world change colors from the green trees and grass, to darkness and then to a different shade of green.
“Um, what just happened.” The area just changed drastically. The two tan guys are gone, only him, Bellsprout and Abra remain, but at a different location. “No, I didn’t just experience Teleport, did I?” He looks at Abra, eyes closed and breathing heavily; probably resting. “Right, it doesn’t look hurt. But it is wiped out.” Jack recalls Bellsprout and picks Abra up. They must leave before those tan guys find them again.

Look, Abra teleported them right near a cave made by uprooted land about a story and a half tall. He heads for it as quick as he can. The cave is only ten yards deep for a human to fit into but holes in the wall allow smaller creatures to go deeper into the cave. He puts Abra down against the rocky cave wall. Just enough light from the sky for him to see in the cave.
*FLAP* *FLAP* Dozens of Zubat fly from the holes in the wall and discover the invader of their cave. Abra’s eyes light up. “Abra, abra....” Abra hums for a while, communicating via telekinesis, which stops the Zubat in the air. Jack doesn’t understand what is going on, but he know’s he is safe. It’s eyes go back to normal and the Zubat fly back to the cave holes. Abra goes back to sleep.

“Rest. I will deal with those two guys so they don’t bother you again.” Jack exits the cave to go find them and just as he does....

“Deal with us? Are you joking?”

Jack backs into the cave, hiding Abra behind him. “You can’t be scientist, they are not mean to Pokemon.”

The tan guy with his gun still in tact speaks, “Correct. We are the Tan Gang of North East Johto. Our new gang is rising and we need an Abra for our doings. Everyone knows Alakazam is a great Psychic type and we will harness its power. Step Aside.” The other tan guy tosses out a ball and it explodes with a loud spark.

Abra snaps out from its sleep and spies the Tan color. Abra Teleports from the cave and reappears outside, just beyond the guy with the gun. He fires and hits the Abra before it can get away.

“It’s too weak to Teleport any farther than that.”

Not only does the noise scare Abra, it frightens the Zubat. The whole dozen come out, flapping like crazy at everyone. Jack, however, wasn’t in danger of the bats. Maybe it was something Abra said. The dozen Zubat charge at the guy without the gun. He pulls out a Pokeball and sends Hypno out to battle them. Supersonic is spread everywhere, even at each other. Hypno blasts strong Psychic waves at the flying suckers, causing many of them to flee back to the hole. They drop like flies. Jack’s Bellsprout comes out and she charges Hypno to distract it. One Zubat remains, spinning in the air under confusion from its own attack. The gun-less guy pulls out a mallet and charges at Zubat to hit it out of the park. Quick to respond, Jack throws an empty Pokeball at Zubat which sucks it in upon impact. *SMACK* The mallet hits the Pokeball and sends it into the forest bushes.
“How could you be so mean to a Pokemon? You will regret meeting me.”

The tan guy laughs a hearty chuckle.

Bellsprout flies back from a strong Hypno. “Change of plans. Go for the gun. Razor Leaf.” Bellsprout still has enough energy and releases sharp leaves. *SLASH* *SLASH* The leaves cris-cross and slice the gun to pieces. Abra slinks down from the release into a sitting position, too shocked to away Teleport.

“Ah, not my gun. Hypno, stop that Abra over here. Use Disable.” Listening to the other guy, Hypno concentrates, causing Abra to be surrounded by the color blue and lifted into the air. Under Disable, Teleport can’t be used.


Jack has had enough of this. “Alright, this is the last straw. Stantler, bring this to an end.” Stantler charges out from her Pokeball and knocks down Hypno. Abra, being released from Disable, plummets to the ground, hitting it dead on with pain.

The battlefield is now placed.

(Cue 1v1 Battle with bulbasaur2020)

Hypno crashes to the ground from defeat by Stantler. “Yes, this is what I’m talking about.”

Abra lie in the middle, one tan guy on one side, the other on the other side, and Jack, Bellsprout and Stantler facing them in a line.

“Now to stop you guys from catching it.” Jack grabs another empty Pokeball and throws it at the poor Abra.

The left Tan guy looks at Abra as the right Tan guy does. The Pokeball hits and sucks it in fast. The two guys rush at the Pokeball, from both sides.

“Go...” Bellsprout jumps on Stantler’s back and they ride toward the wiggly Pokeball. The two guys leap for the Pokeball before the two Pokemon can reach it. As they do, Bellsprout uses her vines to reach and grab the Pokeball, just as they jump over the guys. *BAM* Both their heads hit each other as the two of them fade to blackness.

But the real story is, will the Pokeball Stantler and Bellsprout bring back hold the Pokemon or will it be empty? And what about the Zubat hit into the woods, also in a Pokeball?

Original Post: April 2003 @ PE2K Proboards
(-o-) Zubat Caught!
(-o-) Abra Caught!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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