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Default Re: Oh cool we're back, finally someone can RMT

Learn the rules? They're not even up yet ;(
I wasn't aware that "Be nice" and "Dont' be a jackass" are rules that need to be posted to be followed anywhere in the world at all.

Funny thing is that, I never said I didn't understand the team, I said he used poor grammar and that it'd take some time to know what he's talking 'bout. Don't criticise s'pore, it's me you're talking to.
If you do understand the team, then stfu about his grammar. If you don't want to waste brain cells thinking, just stay away and don't spam-post at all. I'm not criticizing Singapore, I lived there. I'm criticizing you.

i don't see you using much caps in the old forum, you do start sentences using small letters. now, i don't see you posting a lot, so i can't confirm it, unfortunately ._.
The stfu until you do confirm it. Unfortunately, I'm not running around acting like a bigshot picking on everyone's grammar when I don't even know when to capitalize "i" (Hint: You capitalize "i" when it's a standalone word.) It's funny because you're making a fool of yourself.

Do what I preach...Sad, I said 'he should use proper grammar when posting a TEAM', where on earth do you see me posting a team? wtf ._.
So in other words, you're saying it's ok to speek liek zis ven u is knot pullst zeh tim?

If your answer is yes, I want you never to post in this forum again. EVER.

Thank you sir, good day.
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