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Default 17- The Tan Gang Heist

At the secret headquarters of the Tan Gang, people in tan uniforms sit in a small room enough for ten people. Some sort of meeting is taking place.

“Ok, stage 3 was completed. Only one more stage and we can continue with Operation Mountain Base. A team was sent out so stage 4 should be finished today.” The speaker looks left at the door being open.

Another tan person walks in. “We caught a Murkrow. All Pokemon are accounted for.”

“Excellent.” The interrupter leaves. “Now, the final stage is to take place. You all know where to go. Get moving!” Everyone quickly moves out...

“One question.” Everyone falls down with a group sigh. It was Destiny, the lead scientist of their gang. “Booker, We need to wait a couple more days. Dragonair is very strong right now. We need more time.” She taps her clipboard to show charts and information.

Booker moans, “Alright. You have one more day. That’s it.”

“Thanks!” She smiles and exits the room before anyone else.

Down one story, and as cold as a basement, the laboratory lies. Gadgets and specimens and large machines that only do one thing are scattered about in the various rooms. Destiny walks in, placing her clipboard on a messy table. She scans the room with her blue eyes through prescription glasses. She sits, and looks down at the ground.

Booker wanders in. “Moping won’t do anything.”

She turns up and looks at the Tan Gang leader. “I know. But you aren’t giving Dragonair enough time to break down. My formulas take time. By going too early, it could cost the mission.”

He puts is fingers to her lips. “Shhhh! Don’t worry. I have other plans, my dear. You aren’t the only one with a smart brain.” He smirks, cheering her up some. “That’s good. Now let’s see some progress. We are too far to fail now.”



“Hey, you know that pens can come in any color. Look, here’s silver with glitter in it.” Paul waves the pen in Claude’s face. Claude smacks his hand and the pen flies across the room. “Alright, gee. Don’t get so serious.”

Claude slams the table him and Paul are sitting at, eating a fine lunch. “All the stages are complete. I can’t be anything less than serious right now.”

“Yea, I guess you’re right.”

The walkie-talkie on the end of the table moves. “Claude, Paul. All the details on the house are complete, correct?”

Claude picks up the w-t and presses down to talk. “Right sir. Stage five is ready to go. We just need Dragonair and Murkrow.”

“Murkrow is fine. We have control of it. Dragonair is still struggling.”

Paul speaks, “Have you done the Mecha-Mind control yet?” Claude points to the walkie-talkie, motioning to press the button. “Oh, right.” Claude presses it and asks the same question.

“It’s coming. I’m letting Destiny finish her work so we can take it from there. A weaker Dragonair is better for us all.”

Paul nods as Claude continues. “Very well. Do you want us to do anything in the wait.”

“Just prepare the supplies for two days from now. Over and out.”


“Finished.” Destiny takes the needle and pushes it into a test tube of blue color. She pulls the handle and draws the blue liquid. In a cage next to her is a sleeping Rattata. *POKE* Rattata is infected. Placing the needle down, she hits the cage hard with a book. Rattata wakes up in rage and runs around the cage. The energy levels drop, and Rattata slows the pace. Stop. Rattata collapses and goes back to sleep. Destiny raises the mixture and laughs like an evil scientist. “GENIUS!”

The next day has arrived. Destiny, along with three other scientists, all wearing white lab coats over their tan uniforms, prepare the subject. This room was large- it had to be to hold a Dragonair, Hypno and a number of people. They are at their ‘jail’, as they call it. Hypno uses it’s strong psychic ability to hold Dragonair with ease. In turns, Alakazam will step forward while Hypno rests, then vice-versa. Dragonair was always in keep.

The group of four walk into the room, and close the door. They could hear the locking of it from the other side as a safety precaution. “Administer the serum.”

One of the scientists slowly creeps forward. Dragonair lay on the ground, breathing heavily from the control of Hypno. A paralyzed state that Dragonair couldn’t break free. *STAB* Dragonair moves a little but the scientist pushes all the serum in before any wild movements.

“OOOAAOAAOAAAaaaaa!!!” Dragonair screams from the pain.

Five minutes later, Dragonair relaxes almost like sleeping. A voice over the speaker in the corner of the room announces, “Hypno, let it go.” Hypno opens its eyes and the psychic concentration stops. Dragonair lay motionless. Two scientists rush over and take the heart beat. Still breathing. Yep, it’s alive.

Destiny jumps up. “Yay! The new serum worked.”

The door behind them opens up and Booker heads the parade with two people behind him. “This is our opportunity. With Hypno not using the psychic power, the device can be attached. Do it!”

All the scientists run out as more men run in, carrying technology equipment. One of the men implants a small circular disc onto Dragonair’s head. The cord from the disc to the machines carries the data. The green light on the disc turns on and the work is complete. The scientists shake each others hands with smiles across their faces.

“Don’t celebrate yet. We don’t know if it will work.” Booker grabs a small hand held device with two buttons on it, green and red. He presses the green one.

*ZAP* Dragonair wakes up to feel the shock of electricity flowing all around her body. The little disc on her head is causing her much pain. The electricity stops and Dragonair gives the stern look at Booker. The other scientists grab the machines and push them out, running away.

Booker remains. “You will obey us. You are our slave.”

“AAAOOOHHH!!!” Dragonair yells taking a swipe at Booker with her tail. Booker ducks in time to avoid it. He presses the green button again.


“Now, you WILL obey me. Lie down.”

Dragonair opens it’s mouth and a light forms, getting ready for Hyper Beam.
Booker presses the red button. An even more powerful electrical pulse flashes through her body. The nerves in her brain fight against the electrical pulses. The light on the disc turns red and the zapping stops.

“LIE DOWN!” Weakly, Dragonair does as told. “Perfect.”

“What happens if the Trainer shows up again like he did for the past two times?”

Claude aims and throws a dart at the dart board in their room. It hits bull’s-eye. “We take him down. It’s that simple.”

The Dragonair pin hangs above the dart board. A dart comes within an inch to hit it. Paul snaps his fingers, “Almost got it that time. Can I throw one.” Claude sighs and hands him the last dart. Paul throws it without aiming; the dart flies away from the board and hits a picture of Claude’s mom on a desk. The picture frame falls back and the glass breaks. He stares at Paul. “Honest accident. I’ll buy a new one.” He grabs a broom and sweeps the glass into a pile.

Claude looks at the Dragonair pin, staring intensely.


The day is finally here. Stage five is moving into position. The unmarked tan Chevy van rolls down the streets of Blackthorn City. Eventually, they come to a spot secluded from the town and park outside a large mansion. This is their job.

The mansion is large, white, and large. Yes, it’s very large. On the side of the mansion is a gym, for the owner’s Pokemon to practice fighting. The yard isn’t that big though- maybe twenty yards on each side between the outer gate and the mansion. The gate is a normal black, eight feet tall with those spikes on the top that hurt when touched.

The tan van is outside the gate, parked on the side of the road. No other people for a mile, and hardly and cars come by. They have the perfect spot.

Claude moves from the drivers spot to the back of the van where all the equipment and machines are located. A television split in four screens is used for their spy cameras to watch everything in detail. Only three screens work at the moment. Paul opens up the side door and sees the mansion through his binoculars.

“Phase one, of Stage five. Go.” Paul throws out a Pokeball and Murkrow soars out above them.

{PHASE ONE: Disabling the cameras.}

Claude hands Paul a larger bazooka and a Pokeball. Claude also sends out Alakazam. He remains in the van as Paul and Alakazam move to the bushes by the gate for cover. Paul turns on his head gear. “Ok, I’m on. Give me the signal.”

Claude scans the cameras to see the area is clear. “Go ahead.”

Paul waves up in the air for Murkrow to go. Alakazam uses his Psychic powers to bend the gate wide enough for the bazooka to fit through. He aims the bazooka across the yard at a small vent in the left side of the mansion.

Murkrow circles around the corner of the mansion, above a camera pointing directly at the vent below. It flaps down, and down, until it lands on the camera. Murkrow looks at the wires coming from the wall into the camera. Murkrow takes a snip of it.

“Ok, camera out. Go.” Claude says from inside the spy van.

Paul points at the vent. “Alakazam, again.” Alakazam uses his psychic powers again to forcibly remove the metal veny. Paul waves to stop and quickly re-alines with the vent. *THUNK* The odd sounding bazooka fires a Pokeball straight at the open vent. Hole in one!

Inside the mansion, in the security office, is a wall of television screens, each one showing a different place around the mansion. Then one of the screens turns fuzzy.

“Huh?” The security guard notices the change in screen in the corner of his eye. He looks at camera 21 to see it’s out. He quickly picks up a radio. “Sir, camera 21 is offline.”

Shortly, “Then check it out.”

“Right sir.”

The guard exits the room of television cameras and other equipment. He makes his way left, the right, down hallways of the large mansion. Until finally he comes outside. He makes his way around the huge fountain of a Machamp just before the left side of the mansion. There, he stops and looks around the area.

Murkrow pecks at the wire some more, even though it is not working and its job is done. The guard looks at the bird and sighs.

On the radio, “Sir, it’s only a wild Murkrow. It disabled the connection.”

Loudly, “Search around. Check for suspicious activity.”

“Sir, I suggest calling an electrician right away.”

The owner doesn’t respond which means he is calling for a repair guy right now.

The left bottom screen in the van moves down a long tunnel. It was the camera implanted in the disc so they can see her every move. The red light from the disc blurs the tunnel in a red glow, lighting the way. Dragonair’s slender body easily wiggles her way through the vents, even going vertically up to move to the second level of the mansion. But then she slides back down another vent to the same level. Up ahead, a vent gate appears. It’s time.

“Oooo...” A blast of cold air rushes forward and hits the steel gate. It freezes instantly. Dragonair rushes at it with speed... *CRASH* ...the vent gate smashes to ice pieces.

“She is in the room. Ready Phase 2.”

Paul and Alakazam have returned to the van, putting the bazooka back and searching for a back pack. It’s tan, what a color! “Ready.”

The screen shows Dragonair looking at a wall of televisions. She was in the security guard’s room. Quickly trained to disable the cameras, she moves in and presses a couple buttons. And the televisions go blank.

“They’re off. Go.”

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