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Default 18- Battle at Dragonís Pin

“And now onto local news. Tragedy struck as Mr. Weller, beloved fighter Pokemon expert, passed away this morning. As one of the top leaders in Blackthorn, his reputation far exceeded his love for Pokemon. He lived in solitude most of the time, secretly training inside his home made gym...” The news report continues to describe his life and how he succeeded as a Trainer in the Johto region. “It’s been two months since his mansion was attacked by the Tan Gang. Ever since his two prized fighting Pokemon, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, were stolen, his health had been declining rapidly. An Ivysaur held him hostage, causing him to inhale a mix of harmful toxins. Though the toxins can be cured, Mr. Weller was said to be ‘too emotionally beaten’ to try. He will always be remembered.” The screen shows a nice picture of the man with his birth and death date below. “For more information about this heist, please visit us online at....”

The Tan Gang Heist, as it was being called, was a complete disaster for Blackthorn City. Not only did the two culprits manage an escape, but a lot of damage was done to the town. The Tan Gang wasn’t even known until the last six months. But after the heist, the entire Johto League was on watch. Any information that lead to their capture was helpful. But so far, only dust was caught.

The culprits names’ were Paul and Claude. Nothing is known about them except they are stronger than they appear. So far, they are the only known members of this gang. Jack had met this duo before, twice actually. He knew he should have done something, when he first met them and caught Abra. But that was the past.

Since the incident at Mr. Weller’s mansion, Jack has been more determined to finding the Tan Gang’s secret base. The trouble was gaining information because everyone could be a suspect. And the city is busy, with people coming and going constantly. He can’t give up either. The mother Dragonair was taken by them. His hand-made Dratini Pin from Gorgi was taken by them. And nice Mr. Weller’s Pokemon were taken by them. He won’t go back to being a regular Trainer until they are stopped. He’s even forgotten about challenging the Blackthorn Gym.

Jack sits down on a longue chair at the Pokemon Center, distraught by the news. He jumps up, kicks a stool, and grabs a drink at the counter. “Things would be a lot better if they weren’t here. I know I’m an outsider, but Mr. Weller didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. And now, even if I find them, what good does it do for him?”

A Trainer next to him shouts, “Yeah. He helped me understand the need of my Pokemon, rather than my need to always win.”

“He showed me even a weakness has strength.”

“I learned to better my relationship with my Pokemon. He taught me battling isn’t about being stronger, but having a strong trust between Trainer and Pokemon.”

The entire Pokemon Center cheers in an uproar. No one was crying, rather, they were remembering the good times. That’s how everyone can really love those that pass on.

Jack heads out after lunch. He’s taking the day off from looking to have some fun. And not just any fun: Bowling! There’s only one bowling alley in the city. Dragon’s Pin. It’s small, 10 lanes, a few arcade and pinball machines, and a snack bar. After school, kids like to hang around the snack bar and games, then run home before dinner.

{{Here's a Picture for reference.}}

His style of clothing hasn’t changed either. Shirt, shorts, hat, dark sunglasses, and shoes. With so much constantly happening, there isn’t time to worry about looking cool.

As he steps closer to the entrance *SMACK* he is hit by something thrown at him. He takes the blue thing away from his face to discover it’s a Pokemon, a Wynaut to be exact.

“Pokemon aren’t allowed in here without a Trainer. Go away now,” says the bouncer at the door.

Wynaut looks at Jack with its big eyes, tilting its head sideways for a sad effect.

“Uhm..... this Wynaut is mine.”

The bouncer turns around, “Is it now?”

“Uh, yeah.” Jack stands up. “So don’t throw around my Pokemon.” Wynaut claps with its ears as he is put on the floor. “Let’s go Wynaut. Let’s have some fun.”

“Alright,” mumbles the bouncer. “You keep an eye on him now.”

Jack walks in with Wynaut at his side. “Okay little guy, what do you want to do....” Wynaut was gone. “Hey, where’d you go.” He looks left, right, straight, then back left. There he was, standing on a stool in front of a pinball machine. It hits the buttons on the side but nothing happens. “You need quarters to play these games. Hold on.” He exchanges a few dollars for quarters and places them on the machine, putting one into the game. “Do you even know how to play?”

Wynaut nods determined. The ball lines up... he shoots it. Five minutes later, Wynaut is still on ball number one and has won five more turns, giving ‘em a grand total of eight balls left. And the score was in the billions.


Jack steps back. It’s safe to say Wynaut will be there a while and will be fine on his own. He steps over to pay for a lane and shoes. He asks a group of three if he can join with them instead of paying for a whole lane by himself. They accept. The overused bowling shoes are put on, and he is ready to bowl.

“You know how to bowl, right?” one of the guys asks.

Jack rolls his eyes, sarcastically saying. “This is the game where you push a disc down the lane to land in a square, right?

“No, that’s shuffleboard.” The three look at him oddly.

He cracks up, “The look on all your faces was priceless. Of course I know how to play.”

The games went well for him. Third place. Second Place. Third Place again. But he doesn’t care about winning. For him, bowling was about having fun and taking his mind off anything serious. The others were intermediate bowlers, much like Jack. Probably coming directly from school to play some games.

He is now at the last game. The other three need to go home soon. It’s his last turn, arm back....

“Hey, you over there, about to bowl now...”

The bouncer says as Jack lets go of the ball. *GUTTER* He turns around, sighing. If he hit just one pin, he would have had second place again. The other three have a good laugh.

“Where’s your Wynaut? Pokemon must be in accompany of their Trainer. Or I will have to throw you out now.”

“He’s at the arcade. I’ll show you.” They walk over to the arcade and guess what... no Wynaut. He looks around but.... no Wynaut. “He was here.”

“If that Pokemon causes any trouble, you are responsible now.”

Annoyed, “Do you have to say ‘now’ at the end of every speech?”

“What was that now?”


The bouncer looks at him sternly, not liking his speech impediment being made fun. “If I find him before you do, you won’t be happy now.”

So Jack looks around. Not in the arcade. Not around the snack bar. Not on the bowling floor. Could it be near the pins? No, someone would have saw that. But ten minutes walking around, asking people, there is no Wynaut to be found. The group Jack was bowling with had left and another group takes the lane. He looks at the bouncer, whom is carefully watching his every move. He waves nicely. The emotionless bouncer looks the other way.

“Maybe Wynaut left. That has to be it.”

After sitting down at a table in front of the snack bar, sipping a soda, he thinks he spots a blue blur to the far left. He looks again. An employee walks from the far bowling lane and opens a door. There, the blue blur is more familiar. It’s Wynaut. Wynaut creeps along the wall, following the employee to the door. The door closes but it jumps up, using it’s ears to turn the knob, and steps through the crack, closing it behind him.

“Huh?” Jack places his soda down and heads for the door. DO NOT ENTER. “You would think a door as important as this one would be locked.” He knocks quietly on the door and opens it, stepping in slowly.

“...and that’s when I saw this Pokemon playing Pinball. With no Trainers around, it was easy to swipe the change.” The other people in the room chuckle. “It looked so mad when I took it but the stupid Pokemon never moved from the game.”

“That bouncer must have let it in again.”

“No, I think a stupid Trainer snuck it in today. How pathetic.”

The room is actually not a room, but a private bowling room with two lanes. There are two couples sitting on couches, the employee that walked in, and another guy ready to bowl. A table sits in the middle of them all with private drinks and snacks not served in the main snack bar. Wynaut suddenly leaps on the table, knocking over two glasses.

“What the... how did it get in here?” the employee shouts. He grabs Wynaut by the ears and throws him back near the entrance. “This is a private party.”

“Why don’t you lock the door next time.” Jack says, checking to see if Wynaut was fine. “You think stealing money from a Pokemon is acceptable. Stealing from it is like stealing from me.”

One of the girls speaks, “Dude, that Pokemon only takes money from Trainers to play games. It doesn’t care about anything except our arcade. Every Trainer tries to take it home with them, only to be disappointed at the end of the day.”

“It is our duty to remove wild Pokemon from the premise and take anything on their possession gained while inside Dragon’s Pin. That means money and any prizes it wins.” The bowler turns around, “So you see.........” His mouth gaps open at the site of the intruder.

Jack is also shocked, like being struck by lightning. “You’re........ Paul..... from the Tan Gang.” That’s the guy he’s looking for. Here, in a private bowling room. What are the chances of this happening. “Don’t you guys realize who he is?”

The five people smirk, “What makes you think we don’t.” Could it be the bowling alley is owned by them? That’s the only explanation.

Paul steps closer, “Don’t do anything stupid Jack.”

He readies a Pokeball, “The fact that you remember my name indicates you’ve been waiting for a rematch.” But instead of battling in the small room, he wants to make a run for it.

However, Paul launches a bowling ball and hits the door, causing it to close before Jack can run out. One of the couples grabs a bowling ball too, ready to throw, while the employee steps around the table. Paul laughs from the hard wood floor. Lastly, the other couple grabs a cell phone to call someone.... headquarters?

Acting quick, Jack steps forward and kicks under the table, launching it on top of the couple holding bowling balls. Food and drinks, and glass spread all over the wall and ground. In the same action, the employee on the right moves out of the way from the table only to be socked in the face by Jack’s left fist. He goes down, spilling quarters out of his pocket. It’s during this chaos that Paul releases Machamp, whom rushes on the left side, heading for Jack. He ducks a punch and rolls back to the door, throwing a Pokeball out as he stands back up. Abra pops out. She sits on the carpet, looking asleep.

Paul nearly slips on the wood. “He’s not being serious. Machamp, pound that thing into the ground.”

The four arms move down for a sure fired kill shot. Abra’s sliver eyes light up and a force of energy blocks all four arms from contact. Soon after, each arm moves back twice as fast into Machamp at the face and stomach. Abra’s Counter had worked.

“Nice work. Use Thunderpunch in unison with Confusion.”

Abra stands up, holding her fist back with electricity, and slams it across Machamps body. Machamp jumps back a foot but that’s not all. It muscles glow as a blast of Pyschic energy follows the punch, sending it back even further. Machamp lands on the couple with the phone, surely knocking them out.

Meanwhile, Wynaut nudges Jack’s shoe. It was holing all the stolen quarters but couldn’t open the door. “I see. Time to go. Abra, return.” Jack places the ball back on his belt and steps outside the private room, closing the door behind him. A couple people nearby look at him because they had heard some loud noises.

The bouncer steps up, “What were you doing in the private room now?” He completely ignores Wynaut at the side.

“One of the guys in there... it’s Paul from the Tan Gang. He’s in there.” The nearby people look at him as if he’s crazy.

“Sir, that’s impossible. Let’s not create a scene now.”

He adds the numbers, “You, you’re with them. The whole bowling alley is under their control.” He shouts to everyone. “Listen to me. A member of the Tan Gang is in that room.” He points. “We have to call the police.” But nobody moves. “Doesn’t anyone care. He harmed Mr. Weller.”

From inside the private room, “Should we do anything?”

“No.” Paul calmly helps move the table off his friends. “Jack won’t be a problem.”

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