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Default 18- Battle at Dragonís Pin

Outside, some sirens can be faintly heard. Someone shouts something about giving up. The traditional police stuff.

Paul stops near the exit, “The feds? What happened to our guys outside? Were they... caught?”

Another nail bomb is thrown, this time at the exit, sealing it off so they can’t come in. There was no logical way out now. The shockwave also shatters the glasses and screens in the arcade on the left side of the alley, putting glass on the floor.

Paul stands near the exit, as Jack arrives on the opposite side of the main hall, with the shoe rental behind him.


Both Paul and Jack cover their ears as a loud pitched noise pierces the air. Any remaining glass in the vicinity is shattered. Quickly, a buzzing blur swings at Jack. It misses.

“What? Is that... a Yanma?” Indeed it was. This Yanma was covered in dust and even has splinters stuck under its belly. “Did it... did it fall down with the explosion?”

That’s when Wynaut returns, pissed. Every single game was shattered. It looks at Yanma, seeking revenge for shattering his game. “Wyyy naut. Wy... Naut WYNAUT@!!”

“Yaannnnn. Yan yan.”

It rushes toward Wynaut, who prepares Counter. However, a purple blast hits Wynaut from behind, moving it, causing Yanma to miss, diving through a broken window into the arcade room. Paul had called out Murkrow and used Night Shade. What a devious trick. Pissed off even more, Wynaut prepares to fight him too.

“No, I’ll handle him.”

Jack pushes Wynaut away and selects Abra to fight. Wynaut wanders away to find Yanma. The two final fights begin. Jack and Abra against Paul and Murkrow. And Wynaut against Yanma.

The Tan Gang member laughs, “Abra won’t stand a chance against a part dark type Pokemon.”

“You don’t know the power we have together.”

Murkrow starts the battle with a blast of Night Shade. Before the purple beam is half way, Abra teleports two feet away. Again, the crow fires and again Abra moves away. Now that Paul sees how fast Teleport is, he can plan to defeat it. Murkrow uses Night Shade once more, and like before, Abra teleports. The difference this time, Murkrow used Pursuit along with it. The shaded beam curves and hits Abra’s new position. It shrieks from the ghostly burn.

It’s Jack’s turn to counter. Abra electrifies the air around Murkrow, Thunderwaving the bird. Murkrow caws as Abra teleports into the air in front of it, slashing down with an electric punch across it’s feathery chest. Abra returns to the floor, sitting down. Murkrow flaps its wings, struggling to stay in the air.

“You’re not the only one with tricks,” Paul laughs.

Murkrow moves its wing forward, taunting its opponent. Abra is agitated by the taunt, giving her eyes a faint glow. Jack calls for another Telport-Thunderpunch combo, put Abra instead jumps up and tries to punch the bird. And misses. Murkrow takes this chance and sends a beam at Abra for a direct hit. Jack realizes that must have been Taunt and only attacks physical attacks can be used for a while. But no worries.

Since Abra can’t teleport, Murkrow sends another Night Shade. This time, Abra doesn’t move at all as a light shield helps deflect the beam. It bounces back, but Murkrow dodges down. While lower to the ground, Abra runs up and without jumping, Thunderpunches Murkrow more effectively since she didn’t jump. It flaps back, wounded and weak. Abra teleports back again. Her eyes regain normalness.

Murkrow regains some height. Paul struggles to find an effective tactic. He has to break Abra’s Counter first. Murkrow dives in with wings glowing, obviously using Steel Wing. Abra simply Teleports. Paul smacks his head, forgetting to use Taunt first. Abra reappears on Murkrow, whom struggles with the new weight. A second later, both vanish. They reappear again, this time Murkrow is aimed at one of the walls. Flying too fast, Murkrow slams headfirst and slides down the wall. Abra jumps back and lands, standing ready with glowing hands, preparing a dark ball of swirling energy. Murkrow hits the floor and before it moves, Shadow Ball explodes at it. Abra teleports next to Jack.

Paul recalls Murkrow and grabs another Pokeball. “Like you said, it’s not over.” *PRICK* A dart enters his neck, and slowly, he falls to the ground.

The bouncer stumbles over, “That’s enough out of you now.”

Confused, he thanks the bouncer for his help. That’s when Jack remembers Wynaut. Where did it go?

Yanma flies over lanes one and two, the un-damaged section of the bowling alley. Wynaut jumps onto the wood floor, sliding a bit without the proper shoes on.


“Yan. Ma...”

Yanma screeches, much less than before. Maybe it’s voice is going out. The television screens above crack and shatter, raining onto Wynaut. It counters and sends the shards away. Yanma dashes over, using its brightly lit wings to slash at the connector holding the tv in place. Wynaut uses more energy to counter, pushing it off to the side.

“WYYY!” it cries, asking why. XD

Yanma continues the attack using Quick Attack. Wynaut counters this too, almost feeling the bug’s touch, and sends it back. Yanma buzzes, cursing, and concentrates. Four, five, six copies are formed with Double Team. One at a time, each of them charge Wynaut.

Wynaut concentrates on the first: a dud. The second: nothing. Third, forth: fakes. By the fifth, his energy is low and it still isn’t the real Yanma. *SMACK* The last one hits, sliding Wynaut across the floor. It doesn’t stand back up immediately, giving Yanma a chance to use a stronger attack. It flies over and hails bright stars below. Wynaut takes the Swift hit, moving back to its feet, and jumping to the side. And it starts clapping.

Yanma twists its head, almost ready to bow. A sudden feeling moves over it. Yanma decides to use Double Team again, but instead, Swift shoots out. Wynaut jumps under the two dozen stars and Counters each one. Confused, Yanma is suddenly hit. Again, Yanma tries to use Double Team but Swift is used. And again, Wynaut successfully counters it back.

“Yan!” It says confused. This time, Yanma slowly glides down and lands next to Wynaut. Knowing it has no attacks, Yanma waits for the feeling to go away. Wynaut walks up to it and slaps it weakly with its ears, not doing any damage. The Encore feeling disappears and Yanma strikes without warning. It uses Screech again. Wynaut plugs its ears, uh, with its own ears. But instead of attacking, Yanma remains on the ground, coughing. It had overused it’s voice.

Wynaut laughs, using his Encore again. Yanma shutters, not even able to fly, only trying to scream. But nothing comes out.

A few minutes later, this is where Jack and the bouncer come in, watching from a distance.

Yanma crawls forward, directly in front of laughing Wynaut. It leaps and wraps its skinny bug legs around the blue body. Wynaut starts glowing to counter but a large explosion happens instead. The floor indents as Wynaut tries to counter the blast, but it isn’t strong enough for all of it. Yanma takes the bulk of the energy shot back and snaps into the right gutter of lane two. Wynaut is blasted across lane one, into the wall above, breaking the neon tube lights. Wynaut is electricuted red and green and blue colors until it falls in lane one, directly in front of the ten pins still standing.

“What was that now?”

“I think it was Sonic Boom.” Jack runs over to lane one, but forgets that they wax the lanes after the line, and even with bowling shoes, slips backward.

Yanma limply flies back into the air, heading for an unmoving Wynaut.

“Leave Wynaut alone. It didn’t do anything.” Jack calls on Bellsprout. “Grab Yanma.”

Bellsprout jumps on the divider between lane one and two, for grip. She releases her vines and wraps them easily around Yanma, who isn’t putting up much of a struggle. Bellsprout shifts her body left, bring her vines in, and slams Yama face first into lane one’s left gutter. All ten pins fall from the shock.

Jack sighs, knowing it’s over. He stopped Paul from getting away. That’s all he wanted. He stands, rubbing the wax from his hands on his shirt. “Well,” he coughs, looking around at all the damage he caused, “surely I can’t pay the damage?” He sits back on the floor, resting his injured shoulder. Bellsprout steps by his side.

The bouncer stumbles over, “Aren’t you going to return Wynaut? It looks injured now.”

“Huh? Oh. No, it’s not mine. Probably wild. I felt bad for it being through out by you.”

The bouncer sits on one of the non-damaged couches. He realizes it must be the same Wynaut that sneaks in time and time again, preying on Trainers for money to play games. “I think it’s time someone finally caught it now.”

Jack slowly nods, thinking maybe he should catch it. He slowly reaches for two Pokeballs from his lower shorts pocket. Yanma needs help too, so he’s going to catch both. But instead of throwing the Pokeball like a traditional Trainer, and since he is in a bowling alley, he decides to play the game. Aiming, he rolls the first Pokeball down the middle toward Wynaut. The second Pokeball is rolled down the left gutter, for Yanma. Would Jack bowl a 300 and win with a Strike? Or will he Strike Out and hit the Gutter? Both Pokeballs hit and bring in the Pokemon. They roll back and forth...

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