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Default Re: The Elite Ygseto

Viridian City Gym
Leader: Adam (The Elite Ygseto)
Prize: $2000, TM Earthquake, Earth Badge

Flygon Female [Own]
TMs: Earthquake, Dragon Claw
Ability: Levitate

Rhydon Male [Own]
TMs: Swords Dance, Surf, Substiute, Focus Punch
Ability: Rock Head

Claydol Genderless [Rent]
TMs: Earthquake
Ability: Levitate

Donphan Male [Rent]
TMs: None
Ability: Sturdy

Swampert Male [Own]
TMs: Ice Beam
Ability: Torrent

Tyranitar Male [Rent]
TMs: None
Ability: Sand Stream

My Trading Shop
White Friend Code: 0819-3051-3379
White Pokedex Obtained: 151(U)/442(N)

Pokemon I've Recently Breed, PM for trades
- Zorua w/ Dark Pulse, Timid and Naive
- Deino w/ Dark Pulse, Timid and Modest
- Panpour w/ Nasty Plot, Random Natures

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