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Default Re: The Tears of Love

Several minutes later, minutes of agony and impatience, the imposing red sign darkened. Two possibilities now arose, either the surgery was successful or… it wasn’t. Yet, some hidden hope beneath Jason’s dark heart still shined with life. With it, Jason slowly stood up, his mind at full attention.

He could feel everything within this moment. His ears heard the pouring rain, diving at the same rate as his blood was pulsing. His nose smelled the cool, circulating air within the center. His tongue felt the dry roof of his mouth. And his eyes saw the opening door of the medical ward.

Out from the hall, a haggard looking Nurse Joy stepped out. Dark circles surrounded her weary eyes and her shoulders were hunched over from hours of surgery. Even her usually well-kept red hair had managed to escape the neat bun and several strands fell along her face. But what struck Jason the most was none of these. What struck him was her mouth, shaped in a slight frown. A frown that hinted at the outcome.

She looked up and Jason stared into her deep brown eyes, searching for the answer he needed to hear. Yet, within this search, he found the one he desperately wanted to avoid. Espeon didn’t make it. With the news, that last piece of hope within him died. Jason turned away from Nurse Joy, unable to stare into her eyes any longer.

“I’m sorry,” was all she could murmur.

And then, Jason ran. He ran from Nurse Joy who failed to save Espeon’s life. He ran from the pain within his heart. No longer thinking sanely, his pain deepened and stabbed him, sending him to tears. He failed Sarah, he lost Espeon, he failed Sarah…

Jason pushed through the double-glass doors into the howling rain. Large droplets struck him in, trying to drive him to the ground. Lighting struck in the distance, and thunder cackled around him, trying to swallow his entire being. Yet, he needed to do this, his heart wouldn’t hear of anything else.

He jumped to the ground from the porch of the center and continued his desperate dash. Suddenly, a root seemed to come out of nowhere and Jason tripped over it. His entire body fell forward into the mud, throwing up the dirt around him. Pain shot up his right leg, but he managed to stand with difficulty and began running again. His legs pounded along the mud, throwing it in all directions. He could barely see 10 feet in front of him, but he knew where he was going. The cliff was hard to miss.

Within seconds of his mad escape from the center, he reached the crevice. He quickly slowed to a stop and stared down into the dark abyss. His mind said it was crazy. Everything that he was before the war yelled at him to stop. Yet, his heart, forged by pain and sorrow told him what he needed to do. There will be no relief, no cure for the death within him. No cure, except to kill himself.
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