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Default The Alpha Guild " the end has only begun

" the alpha guild "
anything else is just a group
the end has only begun
" motto "
" never shall we be gone. never shall we fade.
never leaving the sanctuary, or the legacy that we made.
people worth remembering. people worth gold.
people of the gods, or so we were told.

- written by Robert/Focal
" welcome "
... to the Alpha Guild, home of true heroes. Here reside those who've sown chaos across the battlefields, woven spells that wrote the books, performed deeds never forgotten to mankind... heroes. Those with a destiny laid out for greatness are taken on here, to perfect their skills and become legends among the people. But not only natural born heroes are taken in...
) The Alpha Guild has decided to branch out from their nature of being selective of only the best. Now, even those remotely talented are taken under the Guild's wing. Even those without a future at all may join and train under the careful watch of our very best Fateweavers. Skills will be perfected. Legends will be written. The time has come for a new age... an age of what the world truly needs. An age... of heroes.
" history "
...the Alpha Guild was founded on the 6th of October, 2005. Mike (Loyal Arcanine) stated in his application that his reason for joining was 'because this could be the club that everyone wants to join'. And once upon a time, everyone did seem to think so.
But as the years went by, newbie members got kicked and were rejected to join. Eventually we even reached a point where we took no one in anymore, unless referred to by another member.
) We had become an 'elitist' group. We had proven to be talented. We had proven to possess some of the best damn members on this forum. But it cost us our good reputation, and we had been put on the black list.
During WAR's nobody wanted us to join. Either due to the members and their talents (Mike (Loyal Arcanine) the URPG God, Meg (Seawolf) the writing queen, DU (DaRkUmBrEoN), a master of debate, and several others who excelled in all other categories) OR because we were too cocky and people wanted us to learn our place. I believe the latter to be true.
Sure, we had (and still have) highly talented members, but nobody wants to compete against people who think they're the best. We quickly fell down the ladder and landed flat on our backs. Nobody looked twice at us anymore.
) I regret those times. Even myself, who barely had any talent at anything, and rarely did anything during the WAR, considered myself to be a 'master' at the game. Sure, I could do graphics, and earned several points for my team. I can write (and Meg is a fan of my writing and says I'm good at it, so I guess I do have that talent), but I also thought myself to be the best.
These times were rough for us, and hopefully they've been put behind us. I managed to see what happened to my beloved Guild, and realized it had to end.
We opened up applications again, and some more people joined. Once again though, people with talent.
) After several revivals and attempts at redeeming ourselves, I now stand before you again.
This time with the same ideals I had when I first started in 2005... Open applications to everyone. Training for those newbies we once considered to be a taint of the Guild. Friendliness to all (at least an attempt to, haha).
What we once were, was lost, and shall now be found. The Guild will rise back to what it once was. And together we will make sure it never falls from grace again.
The history of the Guild will never be forgotten by myself.
And I won't allow those dark times to be rewritten...
) ...never again.
" signing up "
The applications to the Guild are open to all. There is a small form I'd prefer you to fill in should you wish to join, but it's not necessary. If you've been referred by another member, please state who so he/she receives full credit for it.
) Reason for applying: ---
Experience with forums/teams: --- (are you new to this, or maybe you've been around a little while and get the idea of how things go? You could also be a pro and know exactly how it goes. Please, if you're new, PLEASE tell us, so we may help you adapt better to the community!)
Referred by member: --- (leave blank if you joined on your own free will)
" ranks "
) THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE TRUE MASTER... and that's me. (Focal/Robert)
) Together with the GM, he/she has the exact same powers/authority.
) The officials. They can do just about anything the GM and Co-leader can, but they still have to run it past them first. They are also
authorised to teach/train new members should they require it. So they kind of get apprentices I guess.
) These members are above the normal members, and have earned the right to be amongst the higher ranks (no duh). Technically the same as shapers, but just a better name, reputation and such. The authorities usually listen to these members over the regular shapers (with good reason), but it doesn't mean shapers have no saying whatsoever.
) The members. They help shape our Guild into a beautiful sculpture of greatness, or drag our name through the mud. Let's hope it's never the latter.
" other stuff "
hall of fame
) Sky Girl - My first and only Co-Leader (so far). Come back to us Kelsey...
) Lotad - Probably the most active person you'd meet here. When he was here anyways. You should also come back, Sean.
) Dark Child - DC was just awesome. He also needs to come back.
) LS The Door Mat - This guy has been through a lot here, and deserves a spot here. Thanks Amir, for your dedication, I hope you'll continue to be a part of the Guild until it's final breath and beyond.
) Loyal Arcanine - You were my third member ever. You've been with us since the beginning, and have always been around for us. You've helped us so much in the past, you deserve to be recognized as the hero you are. I raise my glass to you Mike!
) Tyger Crysis - Isaiah, I am really glad to have you on board. During the times we were inactive, I believe it was always you who was there to post and try to wake us up. It was also you who prodded me out of sleeping to enter us into the WAR, and otherwise select someone else to do it. It was also you who came up with my favorite slogan "anything else is just a group". Thanks to you Isaiah, and here's to several more years of working together.
) Seawolf - Meg, you know I love you, and I'm really happy and proud to have you in the Guild. You've been so helpful to us, and have always been there for us. I thank you, and hope you will continue to stay with us forever. Here's to you!
the guild hall
) Our Guild Hall is of course a forum. You can only view it by logging onto an already registered account. Guild members must PM me telling me who they are so I can change your rank to the appropriate one.
The link
some cool stuff
Originally Posted by TheScottMan View Post
The Alpha Guild ...

Wily veterans? Check.
Insanely long active streak? Check.
Mods galore? Check.
Awesome Pwnful People
Meggers - Writing
DU - Debate

I think I am a little worried :o.

With Love,
Syndicate Spread the Love campaign
Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
I've decided to give you guys the chance to enter the War in my place. Honestly Robert, you've had this team for WAY longer than I've had mine. I've had TTA for a month, you've had this team for over a year. You've come really far as a team and I think its right to give you the chance to become a War Team.

And so, if you accept it, I wish you guys good luck in the War. It was a hard thing for me to do, but I just feel its right.
STILL TO BE DONE: Guild Events, Recent News

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