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Default Re: Chase's Reffing Book

3 VS 3
no items

MM: Hercross, Vaporeon, Venusaur
BB: Electabuzz, Magmar, Dragonite

It looked like it was over until Electabuzz missed the overated Thunder. Heracross took advantage with a Reversal. It was over since Heracross only had 25%.
Magmar was in, and Heracross was switched out for Vaporeon. After setting up a sub, two Surfs was too much for Magmar. Dragonite was out, and with Vaporeon at only 21%, speed was all it needed for T-bolt.

Venusaur was up next. It put Dragonite to sleep and swept with Sludge Bomb and Leech Seed.

Looks like BB got beat by MM, his so called "noob."

MM: 1,000
BB: 500
Chase: 1,500


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