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Default Re: Chase's Reffing Book

3 VS 3
no items
sleep clause

WTP: Alakazam, Metagross, Exeggcutor
Ball: Houndoom, Sceptile, Alakazam

Ball predicted wrong and missed with WoW from Houndoom. Metagross finished Houndoom with Earthquake. After Sceptile finished off with Earthquake, it came down to Alakazam VS Exeggcutor. Alakazam set up with Thunder Wave and Light Screen. Exeggcutor had no option with Sleep Powder due to Safeguard. After a few Solar Beams, he remained alive. He came down to .32% near the end, but with Recover, he lived. WTP gave up. Ball wins by default.

Ball: 1,000
WTP: 500
Chase: 1,500


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