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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 37
Time Crisis

It was over. I was finally glad at last it was all over with. Despite our victory over Vorox and Tychal, he had scarred Latias as well as myself. Regardless, it was well worth it to stop his tyranny. But there was still one more adversary I needed to stop. Zander…

Meanwhile, I had realized Vice had been watching the whole event, and as I turned to face him, he just stared at me, completely in disbelief. He had slowly approached me, and just shook his head.

“Man…” He replied softly, looking at me at then turning toward the dead body of Vorox, “You’re far more powerful than I thought…”
“But this is only the beginning…” I told Vice as he gazed upon the fallen body, “There’s much more we need to do before this war is finally won…”

Regardless, we still needed backup from Symarix before we could even think of getting the prisoners out of here. Meanwhile, I had looked off the roof to see several Crimson Stars soldiers banging on the metal door coverings and trying to use all sorts of tools to break them open. I could only hope Randy had given the message to Achilles and he was sending backup. Otherwise, we would only be delaying the inevitable…

I then had realized something. The entrance to the roof hadn’t been locked down. In fact, the door wasn’t even remotely secured. I was wondering why they had gone through all the trouble to ensure that the doors and windows of the prison were sealed up tight while the door on the roof wasn’t even the least bit secured…

“I’m wondering…” I said to Vice, “Why would the Crimson Stars go through so much trouble to seal up everything but leave the door to the roof untouched…?”

Vice had looked at the metal door we had used to reach the rooftop, and indeed, it was loose enough to be swaying in the wind.

“Well, there’s no way prisoners would come up here to try and escape.” Vice replied, “They lock up their Pokémon nice and tight. And jumping off the edge would only be suicide…”

And then, it hit me. There was a perfectly good reason to leave the door to the roof unlocked. It case something like this had happened. No wonder Vorox and his Wind Strikers had appeared. They were going to infiltrate the prison until they had seen us…

“Keep your weapon ready, Vice…” I told him, looking around, “Something tells me we’re only going to see more havoc breaking out here…”
“What makes you say that…?” Vice asked with hesitation, slowly pulling out his Vulcan rifle.
“There’s a reason why the roof door doesn’t lockdown with everything else around this prison.” I told him firmly, “It gives the Wind Strikers a way to enter the building, just in case of a crisis. Why do you think Vorox was here…?”
“Oh man…” Vice moaned, clutching his Vulcan rifle.

We had put our backs to the single metal door, and I had quickly returned Latias to her Pokéball. She desperately needed time to rest. I was without a weapon, which wasn’t going to help me considering these Wind Strikers were likely armed with rifles.

I had heard a violent swish of air to my right side, and I had seen three Skarmories and their riders fly over the wall of the prison and landed quickly on the rooftop, the three Skarmories slamming their sharp talons onto the metal roof, and their riders had dismounted, a Sandshrew, a Plusle, and a Minun. I was shocked. They certainly weren’t cute looking anymore. With battle scars all over them and seeing them hold a lethal Vulcan rifle, they were anything but cute…

The Minun’s eyes had caught sight of Vorox’s dead body, as well as Tychal lying in a puddle of his own blood. The other two had caught sight of it as well, and they pointed their rifles right at us.

“I don’t believe it.” The Minun said with a furious growl, lowering his eyelids and giving us a cold, violent stare, “Which one of you two killed The Jade Sword!?”
“That would be me…” I told the Minun with a firm voice, “Juno… The Gold Rider.”

The Minun’s stare had lessened, now growing tense. He obviously knew who I was, and why I had come here. I could see he hadn’t expected to encounter me, and he didn’t expect to see Vorox dead, killed because of me. I could see a fear growing inside of him…

“You were the one who did this?” The Minun growled angrily, “You were the one who killed our leader!?”

I could already sense he was going to strike. I was prepared for him to unleash his attack. I also knew that by my side, Vice was ready with his Vulcan rifle, as well as his sharp claws…

“You’re not going to walk off this rooftop alive, Juno.” The Minun growled, “Never…”

And then he pulled the trigger…

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