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Default Re: Pokemon Elite 2000 at Party of the Decade!

Originally Posted by Tyranitar_Trainer View Post
>< I can't find the live coverage linky thingy...

Oooohhhhh I hope someone records this and puts it on YouTube or something...I really wanted to see it.

And I wish I could go, so I could try and meet Neo and Ryan and everyone. >< I live in Ohio, which isn't too far away, but at the moment we're having family emergencies, so I can't really go. Damn that sucks...

Anyways, congrats Ryan! I'm uberly happy that NoA has noticed us here at PE2K. I wonder if the webmasters of other sites like Serebii or Smogon?

You're not alone. ^^;

Yeah, I can't seem to get the live coverage thing either. Maybe it will come after the party is over?

Just hope someone records it in You Tube too.
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