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Default Re: Pokemon Elite 2000 at Party of the Decade!

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
I just came back and it was pretty awesome. Truck loads of Pokemon stuff were everywhere. Only thing was... the onstage performances were... well... corny.

And getting my Flying Pikachu was a true test of endurance. MASSIVE and SEEMINGLY ENDLESS lines in the blazing hot sun. Bless their souls for handing out water and fans, I took full advantage of that.

Didn't meet anyone from PE2K but it was so packed with people that it was pretty near impossible to find anyone with "so and so" t-shirt or whatever.

And yes, I took pictures! Here they are.

It was great, I feel bad for anyone who wanted to go but didn't get the chance...
Great pictures there Neo Pikachu, espically the ballon Pikachu! Man, I wish I went there!

So, did you do anything else besides getting the flying Pikachu and taking pictures Neo Pikachu?
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