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Default Between The Lines

Wheee-ooo, my first URPG story ^^. Just to tell you now, even though it'll be obvious in like, two minutes, I'm going after Scyther ^^.


Between the Lines

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning in the National Park, just north of Goldenrod city. All over there were Bug-type Pokemon, many of them coming out to get warm and begin the day’s foraging. Dew glistened on the well-kept lawn and the leaves of the trees, and soft pink flowers that smelled of warm honey swayed gently on the morning breezes. The sky was clear and blue, with no clouds in sight, and the temperature was just right, around seventy degrees or so. The park was empty, except for the Pokemon. Outside the entrance stood a group of excited Trainers, for today was a Bug Catching Contest day, and it would be starting any minute now.

Standing among the group was a young woman who didn’t physically stand out from the other Trainers, but was exceptional nonetheless. She was about seventeen, and had dark blue hair tied in a braid. A white bandana was tied around her forehead to keep her bangs out of her crystal-blue eyes, which were scanning the park for the Pokemon she hoped to catch that morning. Her clothes were pale blue; a sleeve-less T-shirt and shorts that stopped just below her knees. Tied around her waist was a white jacket that had red trim around the zipper and pockets. Hanging off her right shoulder was a black knapsack, containing her spare PokeBalls, healing items, that sort of thing. On her feet were light brown sandals, and to complete the ensemble she had a red fingerless glove on her right hand. It was her “style,” as she liked to call it.

Now, as an attendant came to open the gates and admit the Trainers, the young woman was jostled around by the others, who were talking loudly and playfully shoving one another around. Sighing, she scooted to the side and out of pushing range before turning to face the young man who was approaching. His white suit looked as if it just got back from the dry cleaners, and his blonde hair was cropped close to his skull. Still, he was kinda cute. If the young Trainer hadn’t been so intent on catching herself one particular Pokemon, she would’ve paid more attention to him.

“Alright, alright, everyone settle down. As soon as you enter, the Bug Catching Contest will begin. Remember, each participant can only have one Bug Pokemon at a time, so if you catch one and run into another, you’ll have to release the first one. The contest will last for one hour, and then you’ll all be called to the break room in the middle of the park for judging. A winner will be based on the type of Pokemon caught, its relative health and strength, and other such aspects. Two runners-up will also be chosen. The winner gets a rare Sun Stone, and the runners-up will each receive an Everstone as a consolation prize. All competitors get to keep the Pokemon they catch.

“Now then, if you’re all ready…let the contest begin!” the young man cried, flinging the gates open and quickly moving aside as the group charged in. Instantly, the Bug Pokemon (now used to this routine) scattered and hide themselves among the trees and bushes. Some of the bolder ones didn’t bother to hide, but instead challenged the Trainers openly, charging at them in the same manner and giving battle cries. The older ones enjoyed these contests: they knew they were strong enough to not be caught, but could offer the Trainers and their Pokemon valuable knowledge. It was something they prided themselves on, in Buggish manner.

“Heh, back again Ria?” he asked as the young woman made her way more sedately into the park. She blew out a sigh of annoyance and nodded.

“Yeah, I got to try and catch that Scyther,” she replied, glaring after the other Trainers that were causing a ruckus as the attendant shut the gate after her. No others would be permitted inside the park now, until the contest was over. Sometimes the Bugs got too excited and would attack anyone they saw, even someone who wasn’t a Trainer. “But with all these other idiots running around causing so much noise, he’ll have hid himself by now for sure.”

“Well, you’d better get to it then, eh? You only got about fifty-five minutes left before the contest is over, and I have a feeling you’ll need all of it to find him. And then you’ll have to try to catch him, and there’s no guarantee that he won’t run off again.”

“Yeah yeah, I know,” Ria answered, slightly irked. She gave the young man a wave and then headed into the park, walking straight towards the more secluded areas. Most likely he’d be in one of those places, where the bushes grew so thickly most Trainers didn’t even bother searching there, let alone trying to battle or catch a Pokemon.

As she walked farther from the main body of the park and where most of the battling was taking place, the quiet tranquility of it began to come over her. Soon she couldn’t even hear the fighting going on, and saw all sorts of Bugs roaming around, seeming to be totally disinterested in what was going on back by the entrance. Perhaps they felt safe here, because it was obvious no Trainers ever came back this far. They watched her cautiously, but none offered to run or fight. Maybe they knew Ria was searching for a certain Scyther, and so they were safe.

Out here, the path was slightly overgrown. Ria figured it was left like this on purpose, to make the Bugs feel more at home. Flowers of all sizes and colors grew out here, since there was no danger of them being trampled or in some other way destroyed in the heat of combat. The ones growing nearest the path Ria was on smelled a little like roses mixed with honeysuckle, with a hint of cinnamon thrown it. It was very pleasant, and Ria felt slightly giddy as she walked.

After a time, she came to a stop and stared at a family of Beedrill. They were buzzing around a large tree, seemingly protecting the Weedle and Kakuna that covered its trunk and branches. The Weedle were eating or simply crawling around, and the Kakuna were immobile, stuck to the tree and waiting to evolve into Beedrill. Ria smiled a little as she watched a small Weedle somehow lose its grip on the tree and tumble to the ground. Almost instantly a Beedrill buzzed down to check on it, carefully picking the Worm Pokemon up in its stingers and turning it this way and that, before setting it down and watching it clamber back up. The picture reminded her of last Saturday, when she had first run into the Scyther she was searching for…


It was raining, not too hard, but not gently either. Most of the Trainers taking part in today’s Bug Catching Contest had given up, seeing as most of the Bug Pokemon had retreated and were now hiding out of the rain, unable to be found or coaxed out. Still, a few Trainers were determined to catch something, and one of them was Ria.

Her dark red outfit was plastered to her body, as was her hair, and she was thoroughly soaked. She almost felt like she’d never be dry again, but it didn’t matter. She was on the trail of a Scyther, and with only twenty-odd minutes left to find him again, battle him, and catch him, she was seriously booking all over the place. She’d seen the Pokemon only minutes ago, though he had seen her too and took off, knowing what she intended.

Just as she was about to step off the path and search among a thick cluster of bushes, she heard the sound of wings cutting through the air behind her and to the left. Whirling, she saw the Scyther flying off back the way she’d come, though he was hindered because of the rain and his soggy wings.

Ria quickly ran after him and soon caught up, then released her Swampert from his PokeBall.

“Alright Swampert, use Water Gun!” she said, and the large blue Pokemon nodded. He sucked in a breath, and then shot out a powerful stream of water at the Mantis Pokemon. Quickly the Scyther dodged the attack and began to multiply, using his Double Team technique. Ria shook her head. “That won’t work…Swampert, use Blizzard, but not too powerful. We don’t want to hurt him!”

“Swaaaa!” Swampert answered as he stopped firing his Water Gun. Instead, he now concentrated on the air around him, and soon the temperature began to drop. Small ice crystals then started to form, and within minutes a small blizzard had whipped up, engulfing both Swampert and the Scyther, as well as his copies.

“Thaaa!” the Mantis Pokemon cried angrily as his concentration was lost and his copies faded. He flew up out of the range of the attack, clicking his fangs together in annoyance. Ria waved for Swampert to stop his attack, then glanced up, blinking rapidly as fat drops of rain splattered into her eyes.

“Okay Swampert, use Ice Beam!” she called. Swampert opened his mouth and shot out a blue, jagged beam of ice at the Scyther, who easily avoided the attack by dropping under it. “Now, Tackle!” Swampert gave a cry and charged forward, leaping at the Scyther and slamming into him powerfully. The Mantis gave a shrill shriek of surprise as he hit the ground, but quickly got to his clawed feet and began to smack his scythes together. He was preparing to use Fury Cutter.

“Swaaa…” Swampert grumbled softly, knowing how much damage a Fury Cutter could do. He’d been in more than one battle against Pokemon that wielded it, and now knew to be cautious. So did Ria, who knew it would only increase in power if it continued to hit.

“Okay Swampert, light on your feet, and don’t try to attack until I give the signal!” she called as the Scyther suddenly tore forward, slashing viciously at the larger Pokemon. Swampert quickly jumped aside as Scyther rocketed by, then whirled and came at him from behind. Swampert lowered himself to all fours and watched as Scyther flew past him again.

“Scyyyyyyyy!!!!” he screeched, getting more and more furious. So far neither of his attacks hit, and the more angry he got at his multiple failed attempts, the more he’d miss as he made more rash decisions.

So it wore on like this, though finally Scyther stopped trying to use his Fury Cutter, instead using his supreme speed to avoid Swampert’s attacks and deliver powerful Slashes when the other Pokemon left an opening. However, just when it seemed to come down to the wire, there came a loud ding of a bell and the sound of white noise. Then…

“Alright, the hour is up, and the competition is over! All participants please report to the break room located in the middle of the park for judging.”

At this announcement, Scyther gave a funny little noise before shooting high into the air and taking off deeper into the park. Ria watched him go with a tiny cry of disappointment, then sighed heavily and recalled Swampert before trudging to the break room. On her way she noticed the young attendant wearing his normal suit, though it was sticking to his body in places despite the umbrella he had.

“Better luck next time maybe,” he said, obviously having seen her attempt at battling and catching the Scyther. Giving an irritated grunt, Ria simply shrugged and continued walking, feeling rather dispirited at not having caught the Pokemon.


As Ria came back to the present she realized there was a good possibility that the Scyther had left the park, for fear that Ria would return for the next contest and try to catch him again. Which was, of course, exactly what was happening.

Shaking her head, Ria turned from the Beedrill and their brood and continued on the path, carefully checking every bush and tree she came across. Soon she came to the other end of the park, and still hadn’t seen the Scyther. She was beginning to despair that maybe the Pokemon really had left the park, and with a heavy sigh she turned and started back towards the entrance, deciding to catch another Pokemon in the time she had left.
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