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Default Sneak Peek Recap: Party of the Decade!

Sneak Peek Recap: Party of the Decade!

Hello everyone, just got back from Party of the Decade! I was there for three days, the day before the event, the day of the Party of the Decade, and the day after the event. Each day was packed with Pokemon! As you know from the previous news, Nintendo sent me there all the way from California to New York to cover this special event.

It's going to take me a while to post everything I experienced, so here's a small sneak peek of what to expect. Here's six pictures I took during my stay there. I will be updating more today, so stay tuned for more stuff!

Sneak Peek
Picture 1: Can't get good coverage without the proper tools. Fortunately, Nintendo was able to provide me a press badge and a VIP badge so I can get a close look at the event and provide everyone out there an in depth look at the event (especially for those that weren't able to attend). Picture 2: The front entrance to Bryant Park, where Party of the Decade is located. The podium there provided information about the event, such as maps and leaflets.

Picture 1: I got there really early, but people were already lining up for the events. This one pictured here allowed people to try out Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Picture 2: While I was walking around looking at the various activities, I came across the trainers from Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Emerald. So here you see the male and female trainers for Pokemon Ranger, and the female trainer for Pokemon Emerald. The male trainer for Pokemon Emerald wandered off too far ahead, so couldn't get him into the group picture.

Picture 1: A long line right? What for? These people are in line to download a Pokemon of their choice to their games out of the twenty available Pokemon (these are the top twenty top Pokemon as voted by fans at the official site). The line got even longer later in the day. Picture 2: I kept walking through the same paths, but every time I pass by, it seemed that I discovered something new every time. These Pokemon statues were placed throughout the park. Some of them are really cleverly placed, so I had to keep my eyes open, at any corner I could discover another Pokemon.

Again, this is just a small sample of what to expect. I will have complete coverage of what I experienced at Party of the Decade later today. All the details on what I did at the event, information I learned from the Nintendo and Pokemon USA staff, and more! So stay tuned!

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