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Default Re: Between The Lines

She had barely gotten more than a few steps, though, when suddenly a familiar sound reached her ears. She turned her head to the right and gave a tiny yelp of surprise. A Scyther! It was flying right at her, showing no signs of stopping or even slowing. Ria stepped back, ready to leap out of the way if it should not bother to avoid her. However, much to her surprise, it stopped about a foot away and landed, wings continuing to beat slowly. For a moment Ria was confused, but then the revelation struck her.

“It’s you!” she cried, pointing at the Scyther. He cocked his head at her, as if asking what else she expected. Ria shook her head, then started to laugh, unable to believe her luck. “You didn’t leave like I thought you did, you’re still here! And you’re not running away! Does this mean you want to battle again?”

“Scyyy,” the Scyther replied with a nod. Ria grinned and took a PokeBall from one of her shorts pockets. She released from it a large orange-red dog-looking Pokemon, with a white flowing mane, a thick white tail, and small puffs of creamy fur on its ankles. Black stripes covered its body, and it stood almost as tall as Ria herself.

“Alright then, this time I’m going with Arcanine!” she said, and Scyther simply made a shrugging movement before lunging into the air, seeming to blink from sight. Ria smiled, easily recognizing the Quick Attack.

“Arrrr!” Arcanine growled as she glanced around, trying to locate the Mantis. Her keen nose would easily be able to find him, but the problem was the Scyther wouldn’t hold still long enough for her to get a lock on him. He blinked in and out of sight, and every time he became visible he was closer. Arcanine growled more and moved back some, glancing at Ria and waiting for a command.

“Alright Arca, use a Fire Spin attack!” the young Trainer called out. Arcanine nodded and let out a howl, then shot out a stream of fire that formed itself into a tall pillar of flames. Of course it was impossible at the moment to tell if the Scyther had been caught in the attack, but it seemed that wasn’t what Ria had been planning. “Now, jump into the pillar, Arcanine! You can defend yourself easier from in there, because Scyther can’t follow you in without getting hurt!”

“Ar!” Arcanine replied, leaping into the towering column of fire. The heat didn’t bother her, being a Fire-type Pokemon, and she felt much more confident inside the burning barrier. She knew what Ria was planning, as they’d used this tactic before. She sat down and tilted her head back, flicking an ear a few times as she stared at the sky from the only opening available to the Scyther: from the top. After a second she lowered her gaze, knowing that if she was constantly gazing up that the Scyther wouldn’t take the bait. They had to make it seem like they weren’t expecting an attack from above.

They didn’t have to wait long. From outside the blazing pillar Ria saw a flash of green zooming to the very top of the raging fire. A moment later the Scyther came into full view, no longer using its Quick Attack as it hovered above the opening, preparing to drop down and attack. Ria waited until the Scyther had lowered itself from view, then cried out, “Now Arcanine! Extremespeed and Flamethrower!”

“Aaarrr!!” came the muffled reply. There was a startled cry from Scyther as Aracnine suddenly lunged upwards and past him with blinding speed. Before he could react a Flamethrower attack collided with the edges of the flaming tower and closed off the only exit, effectively sealing Scyther inside the searing column. A moment later, Arcanine landed in front of the leaping flames and glanced at Ria, who nodded. Turning back to the fire, Arcanine prepared to attack once the fire died down. The team was planning on Scyther being weakened from the heat, and thus not being as fast or swift as he normally was.

After a few minutes of rather tense waiting, the blaze finally died down, then sputtered out. Standing there was Scyther, wings beating madly to keep himself cool. He was so engrossed in this task he didn’t realize at first when the Fire Spin attack had stopped, which left him vulnerable. Without waiting for the order, Arcanine tore forward and slammed into Scyther with another Extremespeed. Shrieking, the Mantis hit the ground and bounced once, then came to a stop.

For a moment it seemed Ria and Arcanine had won. Ria pulled a PokeBall from her pack and enlarged it, smiling.

“That was a nice fight you put up, Scyther, but now you’re mine!” she exclaimed, then threw the Ball. It soared through the air, its aim true. It was about to be over…

…Until Scyther slashed at the PokeBall with a scythe and knocked it away. Ria gave a surprised gasp, and Arcanine yipped softly in shock. It had seemed Scyther was down for the count, but he had proved them wrong. Wings twitching, he shakily got to his claws feet and turned to face Arcanine, breathing hard.

“Arrrrr,” Arcanine growled softly. Scyther was young, and brash, and didn’t know when to give up. He was obviously running out of energy; even though he’d kept relatively cool inside the Fire Spin by beating his wings, he’d still overheated himself by the exertion. Arcanine didn’t want to fight him anymore and risk him getting hurt. Ria, too, felt bad about attacking the weakened Pokemon any further. She walked over to Arcanine and placed a hand on her head, then faced Scyther.

“We don’t want to fight you anymore,” she said softly. “You might get really hurt. So you can leave if you want to, and rest and get stronger, and we’ll just try again Thursday, okay? I can tell you don’t want to get caught yet.” She glanced at the spent PokeBall to emphasize her point. Scyther stared at her, looking confused, and she sighed. “Just go on, and get yourself all healed up. Just don’t leave the park, okay? Because it would be really hard to find you again if you did…”

“Attention all Trainers taking part in the Bug Catching Contest!! There has been a Pokemon theft near the entrance of the park, and until further noticed the contest is being put on hold. All Trainers, please report to the front of the park. Repeat, the Bug Catching Contest is now on hold due to a Pokemon theft!”

Ria and Arcanine glanced at one another, then Ria faced Scyther again as Arcanine turned around and lowered herself, making it easier for Ria to get on.

“Looks like we’ve got to cut this short anyways. Someone’s Pokemon getting stolen! It’s awful,” she said, mounting Arcanine and then shifting back to continue looking at Scyther. “We’ll see you Thursday, I hope. Stay safe!” she called back as Arcanine took off for the front of the park, before turning around to face the front.

If she had turned around, perhaps she would have saw Scyther take to the air, circle once, and then follow after them…


When the pair arrived at the front gate, they were greeted by a large group of people crowded around someone. There was a lot of loud talking and a fair share of arguing, but the noise that Ria heard before these was the anguished wails of a person who had just lost their Pokemon.

“My Pokemon!” cried a voice, and as Ria dismounted Arcanine and moved closer, she could see a young boy standing in the middle of the throng, crying himself hoarse. He had mussed brown hair, and his eyes were dark green behind the tears. His was wearing blue jean shorts, and his white T-shirt had a picture of a Rayquaza on the front. His black-and-blue tennis shoes looked rather scuffed-up, as if he'd had them for a long time.

The park manager, as well as the attendant who Ria doubted ever missed a day of work, were standing beside him, trying to console him. Someone mentioned that Officer Jenny was on her way to take a report down, but nothing could ease the boy’s pain.

“That poor child,” an older woman Trainer beside her said softly. “It seems he was fighting a Pokemon, and left his pack on the ground. Someone came up and grabbed it, then ran off with it. That boy had two other Pokemon inside. I want to tell him that he shouldn’t have left his pack lying around like he did, but I just don’t have the heart. He’s just experienced a terrible loss.”

“How long ago did it happen?” Ria asked, and the woman shrugged.

“I’m not sure,” she answered. “I heard the announcement and came as fast as I could, so I’m not exactly sure when it happened. I do hope they find the heartless person who took the pack and that boy’s Pokemon.”

“Well, we can!” Ria declared, and earned several looks from others who had been listening. Arcanine gave a determined “Ar!” from behind her, nodding in agreement, and the crowd moved aside for them as the two strode forward towards the boy.

“M-my Po-o-okem-mon!!!!” the boy was crying as they approached, and Ria kneeled down in front of him, smiling in a friendly manner.

“Hey there, my name is Ria, and this is Arcanine,” she said, having to repeat herself a few times to get the boy’s attention. He looked up and sniffed a few times, then wiped his eyes a bit. “We can help you, if you like.”

“Really?” the boy asked, and instead of sounding so upset he sounded rather hopeful. The park manager and his attendant exchanged glances, but didn’t say anything as Ria nodded.

“Really,” she said. “Can you show us where you pack was when it got stolen?”

“Yeah, over here,” the boy said, walking forward as the crowd parted so he wouldn’t be hindered. Ria and Arcanine followed, as did the others, and a moment later the boy came to a stop. “It was right around here,” he said, waving an arm to indicate the general area. Ria nodded and turned to face Arcanine.

“Do your thing, girl,” she said, and Arcanine let out a short bark as she stepped forward and lowered her nose to the ground. She sniffed a few times, then abruptly lifted her head and gave a howl. Ria grinned and vaulted onto her back, then turned to the boy and waved him closer. “Come on, get on, we’re going to go get your Pokemon back for you!” she exclamied.

“Oh, thank you!” the boy cried out as he ran over and got on Arcanine’s back in front of Ria, with a bit of help of course (since Arcanine was taller than him; he was only about eleven or so years old). After taking a good hold on Arcanine’s mane, he nodded to indicate he was ready, and Ria gave Arcanine a gentle thump on the side.

“Let’s get to it, girl!” she said, and Arcanine let out another howl as she bounded off after the thief.

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