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Default Re: Between The Lines

It wasn’t long before Ria spotted someone in the distance, running on foot as if their life depended on it. Arcanine let out a growl, and the boy wiggled a bit and strained to see over the Legendary Pokemon’s head. Instead, he settled for leaning to the side a bit, and when he saw the person he let out an angry cry.

“That’s him! See that gray pack he’s got in his right hand? That’s mine! And anyways, he’s wearing the shirt with the star on the back, and that’s the same kind of shirt the guy who took my pack was wearing! It’s gotta be him!!”

“Aaaarrrr!!!” Arcanine replied, nodding firmly. Ria knew, even if the boy were wrong, in his desire to find his Pokemon, that Arcanine’s nose couldn’t be fooled so easily. The way she was carrying on, it had to be the thief for sure.

“Alright then,” she said, wrapping an arm around the young boy’s waist, pressing her other palm against Arcanine’s back between her shoulder blades, “let’s get your Pokemon back!” With that, she shoved herself off of Arcanine’s back and landed neatly on her feet, watching her Pokemon bound off. She let the boy go and then called, “Arcanine, Extremespeed now!”

“Arrrrrr!!” Arcanine howled. The thief turned to see what the commotion behind him was, then let out a cry of shock when he saw Ria’s Arcanine chasing after him. A moment later he stumbled, then fell, having tripped over a rock or something. Arcanine couldn’t help but let out a barking laugh as the young man tumbled head over heels a few times before coming to a stop. Fool human, he should have been watching where he was running instead of gawking at her!

Within a few seconds she drew to a stop about two feet away from him, barking and growling menacingly. When he tried to stand, she made a mock lunge at him, causing the young man to let out a strangled scream and fall over onto his butt, shaking in fear. Arcanine snorted at him as she landed less than a foot away from him, then slowly backed up a bit.

Ria and the boy, whose she’d learned a moment ago was Koji, soon caught up with them, and Ria had to suppress a laugh at the young man’s disheveled appearance. His lanky black hair was sticking up in places, his yellow shirt and matching pants were twisted around and had dirt smudged on them from his fall, and one of his red sneakers was hanging halfway off his left foot. Lying beside him, still limply clasped in his hand, was Koji’s pack.

“I think you have something that belongs to this young man,” Ria said, stepping forward and holding her hand down to the haggled-looking youth on the ground. Koji stood beside her, hands balled into fists, glaring at the thief.

“Yeah, you took my pack, and my Pokemon!” he said angrily. Ria nodded once, not taking her eyes off the boy on the ground, who was returning the glare. He slowly lifted his hand, as if making to hand the pack over, but suddenly he reached into a pocket with his free hand and pulled out a PokeBall. He threw it, causing Ria and the others to jump back in surprise, and there came a snap as the PokeBall popped open after hitting the ground. There was a brilliant white flash, and from it formed a large, blue turtle. Protruding from its tough, brown shell were two cannons. Two small ears sat slightly sideways on its head, like a cat’s. As the Pokemon stretched, its PokeBall shut itself and flew backwards, returning to the young thief’s hand as he leapt to his feet.

“Blasty!” he cried out, his voice an odd high pitch. “Use Hydro Pump now!”

“Toise!” Blastoise replied, lowering himself to all fours and aiming the twin cannons in its shell. A second later, two high-powered blasts of water shot out of them, each having enough power to punch through steel.

“Arcanine!” Ria cried, grabbing Koji and quickly getting out of the way of the battle that was unfolding. “Avoid him, use Extremespeed!”

“Aaarrr!” Arcanine howled as she lunged to the side, moving as a blur. The Hydro Pump sailed by and whammed into a tree, snapping it in half with ease. Blastoise gave an annoyed grunt as he tried to keep up with Arcanine, but it was no use. The Legendary Pokemon was moving too fast to even see clearly.

“Blasty, use Earthquake before it hits you!” the thief cried. Blastoise grunted again as he stood, then lunged into the air, much higher than would have been thought for such a large creature. At the peak of his jump, Blastoise pulled his tail, arms, legs, and head into his shell, and a moment later slammed into the ground with amazing force. The impact cause the ground to tremble violently, tripping up Arcanine and causing her to tumble to the ground. “Now, Bubblebeam!” Now Blastoise emerged from his shell and stood, taking a deep breath and then unleashing a barrage of large bubbles from his jaws. They shot forward at amazing speed and slammed into Arcanine’s side, flipping her over a few times as she yelped in pain. Those bubbles were extremely hard, their surface tension being higher than normal bubbles, and it took a lot of force to make them pop, which all of them did. “And now, Skull Bash!” Blatoise let out a mighty roar and pulled his head into his shell, then charged at the prone Arcanine.

“Arca-girl, get up, come on!” Ria cried, feeling awful. She’d left her other Pokemon in the PC, having wanted to train only Arcanine because she’s only joined the team a few days ago. Now she wished she hadn’t done such a rash thing, because Arcanine was really getting beat up out there.

“Arrrr,” Arcanine responded weakly, struggling to her paws. But even as she readied herself to continue fighting, Blastoise threw himself at her, his head coming out of his shell and smashing into Arcanine’s side with vicious force. Howling loudly, Arcanine flew through the air backwards a few feet, then crashed to the ground. She rolled a few times, then came to a stop, not moving.

“Arcanine!” Ria cried out in despair, rushing forward to her fallen Pokemon’s side. She dropped to her knees and stroked the weak Pokemon’s side, tears in her eyes. “Oh my sweet, strong, good girl. You did you best, but now it’s time for you to take a break.” She then pulled Arcanine’s PokeBall from her pocket and recalled her. A thin beam of red light shot from the lock of the PokeBall and engulfed the Arcanine. Within moments, Arcanine had been reverted to energy form, and the red light retreated back into the Ball, taking her with it. Afterwards, Ria put the Ball back into her pocket and stood, turning to face the young thief, who was laughing in triumph.

“If you ain’t strong enough to take them back, that makes them mine!” he crowed, and Blastoise gave a short roar, seeming to agree. He certainly was a big enough bully, having attacked Arcanine so roughly.

“No it doesn’t!” Koji yelled as he pulled something off his belt, which Ria hadn’t noticed at first because the young boy’s shirt had been covering it. “I want my Pokemon back, and I’m gonna get ‘em! They’re my friends and I won’t let you take them!!” He heaved the PokeBall as hard as he could, and while it was still in the air it popped open with the familiar crack-noise. There came the white flash as the Pokemon contained inside was released, and the Ball closed as it fell. Koji jumped up and caught it, and as he landed his Pokemon took shape and form.

Ria let out a gasp. A Scizor, the evolved form of Scyther!!! It stood about Ria’s height, and looked rather like a mantis that was encased in red armor. It’s scythes were now powerful pinchers with eye marks on them. A pair of translucent wings constantly beat and twitched, and three horns were sprouting from its head. She stared, dumbfounded, as Koji pointed at the thief and his Blastoise.

“Ripper, that guy’s the one who took our friends, and he won’t give them back, so we’re gonna have to take them back! Are you ready?!”

“SciZOR!” the Scizor exclaimed. Its voice was softer, like Arcanine’s, which told Ria that this Pokemon was a female.

“That’s great,” she muttered, then shook her head and snapped out of it a moment later. This was no time to be admiring another’s Pokemon! Instead she stood back a fair distance, ready to help in any way she could. She had a feeling, though, that Koji wouldn’t need her help. He seemed like a capable Trainer, despite his young age.

“Alright Ripper, start things off with Double Attack, then use a Swords Claw, and finish with an Aerial Wing!!”

Ria blinked a few times, wondering what the boy was talking about. What in the world was Double Attack? Or Aerial Wing? Ria wasn’t the only one confused though, as the young thief and his Blastoise exchanged puzzled looks. Koji’s Scizor, though, seemed to know exactly what to do. With a fierce cry she tore forward, multiplying. Double Team, of course. And then, every copy started to blink in and out of sight. Ria did a double take, stunned. Double Attack!

“Toise!” Blastoise cried as the Scizors fell upon it. Using her speed, Scizor was able to make it seem as if the copies were physically attacking. Blastoise staggered back, taken completely by surprise, and his Trainer let out an angry shout.

“Blasty, quick, Ice Beam!”

“Toise!” Blastoise responded, opening its mouth and readying to fire an Ice Beam. But he didn’t know which Scizor was the real one, and thus didn’t know which to attack. Crying out in frustration, he finally chose one and fired the attack at it. The moment the attack made contact, the Scizor faded from sight. It was a copy, and Blastoise stomped the ground in anger, glancing around wildly, trying to decide which Scizor was the real one.

Meanwhile, Scizor and her copies had fallen back and were taking this opportunity to use the next move, which Ria was eager to see. Swords Claw, it obviously was Swords Dance coupled with another move. But what? Ria was too excited to think about it as the Scizors each began to glow red. Ghostly shapes began to appear in front of them, and slowly formed into swords that were glowing red as well. The swords then began to spin around each Scizor, until they were red, flaring blurs, which were slowly absorbed by each Scizor. The glow then faded from them, until only one Scizor was still glowing. It was the real one, but before this revelation could be made by Blastoise or his Trainer, the Scizor had charged forward and slammed both of her pinchers into his chest. As Blastoise fell back, dazed by the blow, Ria could see Scizor’s pinchers were glowing. That must have been a Metal Claw attack, paired with a Swords Dance! As the attack hit, the Scizor’s Double Team faded, leaving her as the only Scizor in the battlefield.

“Blasty!” the Blastoise’s Trainer shouted. “Come on, you can take down that stupid Scizor! Use Hydro Pump again!”
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