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Default Re: Between The Lines

“Tooiiise!” Blastoise bellowed, getting his wits back about him and shaking in anger. Koji snorted as Scizor flew backwards, then shot into the air high above them. Blastoise aimed his cannons upwards and fired twin blasts of water. Easily, Scizor dodged them as she flew up higher and higher, and Ria was reminded of how the Scyther she was trying to catch had evaded Swampert’s Water Gun.

“Do it now Ripper!” Koji cried out, and a moment later Scizor began to fall, angling her body so that she was falling straight down, her body vertical to the ground. She folded her wings back against her sides and plummeted towards the Blastoise with breakneck speed.

“Blasty, now! Hydro Pump again!” the young thief screamed, thinking this the perfect shot. How would the Scizor avoid the attack now? Blastoise let out a satisfied grumble and aimed its cannons.

“Ripper, quick, dodge it!” Koji cried, but Ria knew it wouldn’t work. There was no way the Scizor could evade this attack, even if she used an Agility move. She was falling too fast, and even as she started to spread her wings so she could try and dodge the attack somehow, Blastoise let loose another Hydro Pump. There was no way, no way to avoid getting hit…


A green blur suddenly tore out of the bushes to the right and whammed into Scizor, knocking her out of the path of the Hydro Pump. Scizor let out a surprised cry as she tumbled through the air, beating her wings madly to regain her balance. After a moment she landed, confused. What had happened?

“What the heck?” the thief cried out as the green blur began to slow down. It seemed to have lost no momentum because of the collision, and Scizor herself wasn’t hurt. Apparently she’d been hit at just the right angle and speed to get her out of the Hydro Pump’s range, but not hurt her, or the one who had flown into her.

“It’s a Scyther!” Koji exclaimed a moment later as the green blur landed and was still. Indeed, it was a Scyther, and Ria couldn’t help but grin widely.

“You!” she said, moving forward a few steps. “Did you come to help us?”

“Scyyyy,” Scyther replied, nodding. He then turned to face the Blastoise, who was looking more worried than annoyed now. His Trainer, though, seemed hell-bent on keeping the Pokemon he’d stolen.

“Blasty, it’s time to get serious! Use Blizzard until they faint!” he shouted, looking furious. Blastoise scowled, and looked like he didn’t want to battle anymore, but he didn’t want to disappoint his Trainer by giving up and began to prepare his attack.

“I don’t think so!” Ria retorted, stepping forward again. “Alright Scyther, use a Fury Cutter attack!”

“You too, Ripper! Hit it with all you got!” Koji commanded, and the two Pokemon leapt forward, both looking ready to finish the battle once and for all. Blastoise, caught off-guard by the speed of the dual attacks, stepped back in a feeble attempt to avoid them. It didn’t work.

“Blaaaaast!” he cried out as Scizor hit him with a pincher in the chest, and Scyther landed a blow on his side. Again and again they attacked, each blow being more powerful than the last. Blastoise’s thick shell protected him from the blows at first, but he had no time to defend himself in any way, or to take the offensive, and soon he began to feel the attacks as they gained strength.

“Blasty, use Withdraw!” his Trainer yelled, unable to see that it wouldn’t help. Scizor and Scyther’s combined attacks had become too powerful for Blastoise’s shell to be an effective defense now. Indeed, a moment later the Pokemon collapsed, weak and aching all over.

Scyther and Scizor retreated a bit, both looking rather tired after the frenzy of attacks they’d used. They remained cautious though, in case the Blastoise tried to fire one last attack at them. But it was over; Blastoise was in no condition to keep fighting. With an infuriated, wordless cry, the thief recalled him and then angrily threw the gray pack at Koji.

“Take your stupid Pokemon back!” he shouted, then whirled around and took off. Scyther made an angry noise and made to chase after him, but stopped when Ria called out to him.

“Let him go, he’s learned his lesson, and Koji has his Pokemon back now,” she said, and Scyther nodded slowly. Koji picked up his pack from where it had landed at his feet, then stood and looked at Ria.

“Thanks a lot. You really helped us out. I don’t think I woulda been able to get my Pokemon back without your help,” he said, then looked at Scyther. “That Pokemon is wild, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he is,” Ria said, smiling at the Scyther, who was looking uncertain of what to do. “I’ve been trying to catch him for two days now. I was about to try it when the announcement was made, so I had to let him go. I wonder why he’s here?”

“I’ll bet he wanted to help, because he knows you’re a good person. You could have ignored the announcement and kept fighting him to catch him, but instead you came to help me. He knows you’re trustworthy, right?” He directed the last part at Scyther, who gave a hesitant nod. Ria smiled, impressed at Koji’s wit, then stepped forward again.

“I’m glad you came to help us, Scyther,” she said. “If you hadn’t, we might have lost.”

“Scyyyy,” he replied, puffing his chest out and looking proud now. Ria chuckled.

“So what do you say? You want to come with me? I would be really glad if you did…” When Scyther didn’t reply, Ria stepped back and pulled a spare PokeBall from her knapsack. “It’s your choice. If you don’t want to come, you can break out of the Ball.” She then threw it, and it lightly hit the Mantis on the chest. It popped open, engulfing Scyther in a mass of red light, and then drew him inside before closing. The Ball landed on the ground, and Ria watched anxiously as it began to wiggle...


Note: Heh, ER wanted me to add that he wants to grade the story. So here it is lol. Remember, this be my first URPG story (but far from my first fic).
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