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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Name (username or other): Sceptile Frost
*Age: Teens
Preferred Fandoms: Pokemon
Contact Details:
Secondary Email:
AIM: scepfrost201

PM?: Yes
Writing History: I began writing in third grade with a horribly done sports story. I wrote my first pokemon fic, Now and Forever, when I was eleven and posted it December of 2005 here when I first joined to discover it was crap. However, after a complete rewrite, it has really come alive.
*Member of GPS: Yes, proud founder
*Preferences: Advance/Contestshipping, Journey Fics are my specialty
*Hates: Probably Horror. Also, don't really trust me with anime characters, as I don't have Cartoon Network and virtually didn't watch much of the anime before that.
Writing Sample: Now and Forever, Volume One: The Adventure Read it and weep.

I shall do my best to help you make your fic the best as possible. However, I am quite busy. I have many fics that I'm working on and want to post and I also will have to manage this thing as well as my club, the Golden Pen Society.

Since it is summer right now, I'll be able to do it pretty quickly. But once school is up and running, it'll probably take a while longer.

Thank you, Sceptile Frost

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