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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Frost Accepted me, so I'm posting my form up for all to see.

Name: Deathspector/DS

Age: Teens ( This could be anything between thirtten and ninteen, you know...)

Prefered Fandoms: Pokémon, Harry Potter, One Piece and Duel Masters.

Contact Details: (both are e-mail as well as messenger)

PM: Sure, I don't mind getting anything via PM. I've only got eighty-nine messages this entire year... ):

Writing History: I've always been interested in writing, right from the begining, and even in Grade One, I used to enjoy our Writing classes more than anything. When I joined I posted a story that when I look back now, am completely embarassed to admit that I wrote that. But I became better through practice and experience. My current fanfiction that I like is Betrayal. (link in my sig...)

Member of GPS: Yep, just joined.

Preferences: Journey Fics, Action/Adventure, Horror, Detective stories (meh...I don't know what else to call those Mystery story things)

Hates: ROMANCE (this includes any shipping stories...I'm bad with romance in real life as it is...).

Writing Sample: Again, in my siggy...


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