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Default UDPATE: GTS, Battle Tower, Super Contests, Underground Shinou!

UDPATE: GTS, Battle Tower, Super Contests, Underground Shinou!

Yahoo Japan's Pokemon page was updated today with the information revealed the latest issue of Coro Coro. However, the site revealed a few more details and showed new and clearer screenshots.

Global Trade System
The GTS (Global Trade Station) allows players to trade with anyone in the entire world. A nice feature with the GTS is that you'll be able to deposit all the Pokemon you want to trade, and set which Pokemon at what level and gender you'll accept the trade with. If the system finds someone in the world that matches your offer, then the trade is completed.

Battle Tower
The Battle Tower makes a return in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Located inside the Battle Tower is the Wi-Fi Battle Room. You will be challenged by seven opponents from the internet.

Pokemon Super Contests
The Pokemon Contests feature, which many of you are probably familiar in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, is back and is called the Pokemon Super Contest. The Pokemon Super Contests allows up to four people to participate and will have three stages. The first stage, Visual Judging, will allow you to use the stylus on the touch screen to dress up your Pokemon with various items. The second stage, Dance Judging, will put your Pokemon into a dance routine where you will be judged on coordination and rhythm. And the third stage, Performance Judging, you use your Pokemon's moves to impress the judges.

Instead of Pokeblocks, you will now use Pofins. You will still use berries to make Pofins, and you can make them at the Pofin Bakery.

Underground World of Shinou
The underground world of Shinou will feature a capture the flag game. Each player will have a flag in their secret base, and they must capture the opponent's flag and return it to their base to win. Players can set traps that will delay their opponent from reaching their flag. Another game in the underground world of Shinou is the feature to search for treasures in the underground.

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