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Default Re: 2006 Pokemon Video Game National Championships Recap!

Originally Posted by MystiKal View Post
You can still have plenty of stratgey with ubers. Just look at the JAA tournement.
It's like managing the Yankees. You have plenty of good players, but you still need a good coach with a good strategy to win. And it's fair, everyone can use whatever Pokemon they want. So let's see who's the best at using the best Pokemon available.

On the other hand, yes, seeing Kyogre and Mewtwo on every single screen does get boring. I wouldn't mind some kind of system that would limit the amount of "power" a team has. There's many ways to go about that, but I can understand why they have a tournament with no limits. Since this is a test of the best using the best available.
Originally Posted by dud3 View Post
how did snorlax use selfdestruct?
Snorlax can't learn Selfdestruct on it's own, but it can learn the move through the move tutor in Pokemon XD.
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