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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Originally Posted by Th3DazeGrace View Post
I seriously doubt i filled this out right

Name: James [Th3DazeGrace]
Contact Details:
IM: JIShafer

PM?:sorry i have NO clue what you mean by this
Fandom: Pokemon, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Warnings: None that I know of, im on pe2k every day and check my e-mail every day also
Hey, Th3DazeGrace, I'll be glad to beta it for you. However, how often do you want me to beta chapters? I'll probably be able to do one every week, maybe two until school starts (only two weeks!). Yeah, I'll take this one guys. And by PM I mean private messaging (a handy dandy little forum messaging system). I bet you have Yahoo IM? I have AOL IM, so I'm pretty sure that's a no go. So, e-mail or private message your first chapter to me and I'll do it, tomorrow and the day after. Um, expect it three to six days after you send it.
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