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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 8
[FONT=Verdana]Walking through the long grass, surrounded by pine trees, Kevin wondered how long it
was until he got to Azalea Town.

“Hey you there!” yelled a voice and Kevin whirled around to see a beautiful woman with
blue hair, wearing a police uniform. “What are you doing here?”

“Umm I was just passing through” said Kevin a bit scandalised.

“Sure thats what they all say” said the police woman.

“No I promise!” said Kevin. “Here is my ID” and he pressed a button on his pokegear.

<This pokegear belongs to Kevin Sun, 15 years old from New Bark Town>

“Oh I’m sorry” she said looking worried. “You’re the Dragon Trainers boy aren’t you?”

“Yeah thats me” he said. “Whats up? You look worried Miss...”

“Officer Jenny” she replied. “Its the town Slowpoke. A few days ago they were all
reported missing. People are saying its Team Rocket but I’m not sure. Team Rocket
haven’t been around for three years now!”

“Slowpoke...” Kevin thought outloud as he activated his pokedex.

<Slowpoke><The Dopey Pokemon>

<This slow and dopey pokemon is of the water/psychic variety. It takes an average five
seconds for pain to register in its brain. Evolves into Slowbro if Shellder latches onto its

Kevin pulled a face. “It doesn’t sound that special to me”

“To the people of Azalea town it is a sacred pokemon” said Officer Jenny. “400 years ago
the town of Azalea had the worst famine and drought ever recorded. The crops were all
dead and people were getting sick.
“It was the Slowpoke that saved the town” explained Jenny. “They all gathered around
the dried up well and they all yawned. It is said that a slowpokes yawn brings rain and
that is exactly what happened. The town was saved because of the slowpoke. Now the
townsfolk are worried that another drought may come!”

“Well that makes sense” said Kevin thinking about it. A twig snapped in the bushes to his
right. They both turned and saw a figure dressed all in black. The man turned and ran.

“Hey you stop there! This is the police!” yelled Officer Jenny and she and Kevin took
pursuit. The figure ran into the forest and the pair gave chase. Darting between the trees,
losing ground, Kevin had an idea.

“Chikorita, stop that man with your Vinewhip!” yelled Kevin throwing a
pokeball. Out popped Chikorita. She shot out her vines, wrapping them around the mans
legs tripping him over. He fell with a thump and a groan. They ran up and Chikorita
flipped him onto his back revealing a man dressed in black with a crimson red ‘R’ on the
front of his uniform.

“So Team Rocket is back!” said Officer Jenny angrilly. “What have you done with the

“I’ll show you! I’ll show you!” he whimpered. “Just please don’t hurt me!”

“Chikorita, tie up his hands behind him with your vines!” said Kevin. Chikorita did just
that. The Rocket led them out of the forest and Kevin could see the town of Azalea in the
distance. He took them over to a well. A sign nearby said : Slowpoke Well.

“This is it” said the Rocket. “This is the entrance, down the Well.”

“How many pokemon do you have?” Jenny asked Kevin.

“I have five” said Kevin. “Totodile, Pidgey, Pichu, Chikorita and Charmander!”

“Ok come with me!” and she cuffed the man to the side of the well and began to climb
down the ladder in the dried up well. Kevin recalled Chikorita and followed. About 15
meters down, the ladder stopped and he dropped the last three metres into a dark, damp,
stone cavern which was filled with dark murky water. Jenny unclipped a flashlight from
her belt and shone it around the cavern, Kevin and Pichu watching and listening intently.

All of a sudden someone grabbed Kevin from behind and Pichu fell into the water. Kevin
took a glimpse at Jenny. She had been punched in the gut and was on the ground, tears
welling in her eyes, the flashlight rolling away. A teen about Kevin’s age wearing grey
pants, white shirt with a blue jacket. His white hair was spiked up in all directions and
steel knuckles glistening on his fist.

“Ice?” whispered Kevin disbelieving

“That’s right Kevin, I’m back...” he said menacingly, a glint in his eye. This couldn’t be
right! The boy that had gone missing from New Bark Town two years ago had joined
Team Rocket? Kevin remembered back to when he was in school, where he had first met
Ice. No one had known much about him except that he was as evil as sin. He had beat up
little kids until they were a bleeding mess, just for the fun of it and he had walked away
laughing. His real name was Simon Vortex, but as soon as people saw what he was
capable of they began to call him by what his heart was made of... Ice. He had loved the
name. But the one person that Ice had loathed, was Kevin. Everything about him he had

One day though, Ice had just dissapeared. Some people thought he had commited suicide,
others just thought he had commited a hideous crime and had run away. They never found
him and people forgot about him. Just another missing person...Now here he was.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time...” he said brandishing a knife.

Thinking fast, Kevin threw his head back, smacking the guy behind him in the nose
making let go of him. Kevin shot out a high kick at Ice, striking him in the chin, knocking
him into the water.

“Get him!” yelled a man nearby just before he was zapped by Pichu. His order was met
with cries from the darkness and suddenly the cave lit up with great roaring fires.There
were about thirty men, all wearing the rocket uniform, all wearing evil grins. Kevin could
see the slowpoke in a corner, locked in cages. Kevin let out all his pokemon and dashed
over toward Officer Jenny, who had just sat up clutching her stomch and he assumed
battle stance, ready to put his martial art championship skills into action.

The fight began.

Charmander, its eyes reflecting the great fires in the cave, added its own flame as it
blasted down two of the men with a Flamethrower. Pidgey took off and began pecking at
a Rockets face and Pichu zapped a man into paralysis. Chikorita was in the midst of five
men unleashing Vine whips and Razor Leaves in every direction. Totodile stayed near
Kevin, stopping any Rockets sneaking up on him and blasting them to the ground with
watergun attacks.

It was Kevin however who led the attack. Jenny watched in absolute amazement as Kevin
took down one man after another, lashing out with punches, kicks and chops; jumping,
spinning, ducking and side stepping, dodging their attempts to hurt him. But all the effort
he was putting in wasn’t enough and he began to fall back. Two men grabbed pokeballs
from their belts and let out a pair of Machoke.

“Everyone take out those Machoke I’ll take out the rest!” yelled Kevin to his pokemon,
blood seeping from a cut above his eyebrow. Kevins pokemon banded together and used
their attacks to take out one of the Machoke but they were too worn out to take out the
other. The reamaining Machoke came over and pinned Kevins arms behind his back after
he had knocked two Rockets to the ground. It hurt so much, they felt like they were gonna
break. But Kevin refused to scream or cry, he wouldn’t let the Rockets have that
satisfaction. It seemed to Kevin as he bit his lip in agony, that he was gonna die here, in
the hands of the Rockets when all of a sudden, a bright light dropped down from the well
and Kevin recognised it as an Elekid.Then he heard a familiar voice yell from the top of
the well.

“Elekid! Thundershock!”

It swung its arms and blasted down three of the closest Rockets with a thundershock.
Then Kevin new where the voice had come from as Storm, dropped down the hole and
swung a fist at a Rocket, breaking his nose.

“Elekid, Thunderpunch that Machoke!” yelled Storm as he jump kicked a man with a
goatee. Elekid ran and punched Machoke in the cheek, electricity flying from its fist.

Kevin scrambled free and realized that his pokemon too had been put into cages
alongside the slowpoke. It was then Kevin heard the sirens overhead and he turned to see
Jenny sitting in the corner with her walkie-talkie in her hand. She smiled at him
reasuringly. They were going to be saved.

“It’s the cops!” yelled Ice. His snow white hair glistened in the firelight and bright red
blood dripped from his mouth. The Rockets began to hurry around the room, ignoring
anyone else, as they gathered up the cages full of pokemon.

“Oh no you don’t your not taking my pokemon!” yelled Kevin and he shot the red
recalling beams from his pokeballs. They sped between the bars and recalled all of
Kevins pokemon. Pichu jumped out straight away and huddled in Kevins arms.

It was then the police dropped down through the hole with a K-9 squad of growlithes,
teeth bared in a growl. Since most of the Rockets were either out cold or in no shape to
fight, they gave up without a fight.

All but one. The teen with the white hair swung a dagger at Kevins chest, slashing
through the fabric, soaking it with blood. Pichu fell away from Kevin as he fell to the
ground clutching his chest. Storm dashed over and lashed out at the Ice’s face, who
dodged it. Then Ice swiped at him with the knife slicing him on the left shoulder. Storm
winced and then knocked the knife from Ice’s hand with a chop. The teen breathed
heavily and spoke.

“My name is Ice, a Team Rocket Elite and you will regret this day! I will kill you, son of
the dragon trainer!” and with that he ran into the darkness and splashed into the water
disappearing from view.

Storm recalled his Elekid, helped Kevin to his feet and led him out of the well. He was
placed in an Ambulance and rushed to the Azalea Town Hospital. Kevin blacked out.
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