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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

* * *

Kevin awoke in a hospital bed, staring up at the light blue ceiling. His muscles ached
dully, and there was a stinging sensation on his chest. Kevin turned his head to see
Officer Jenny, Storm and an old man with a white beard.

“How are you feeling” asked Storm.

“A bit sore, but I’ll be fine” said Kevin.

“You were amazing” said Jenny smiling. “You were so brave!”

“Thanks” said Kevin sitting up. The white sheet fell off him and Kevin looked down to
see he wasn’t wearing a shirt. A 5 inch scar that ran from his left shoulder to his belly
button, striped his chest.

“My name is Kurt” said the old man. “And I thankyou on behalf of the whole town for
helping to save our precious Slowpoke. The towns people have asked me to give you
these” and he handed him what looked like two pokeballs. One was bright orange, had
two yellow cicles on the side and a yellow zig zag on the top; the other was a deep green
and had a red patch on the top. Kevin gazed at them intently.

“These are my custom pokeballs. The orange is a Fast Ball which is used for catching fast
pokemon; the other is a Lure Ball for catching water pokemon. Use them well!”

“Thanks a lot!” said Kevin putting them on his bedside table.

“That is one wicked scar!” said Storm smiling, upper arm bandaged in white linen.

“I kind a like it!” said Kevin grinning. “Are my pokemon okay?”

“They’re fine” replied Officer Jenny. “They are at the pokemon centre ready to be picked

A few hours later, Kevin had picked up his pokemon and was sleeping in a comfortable
bed at Kurts house. His dreams began with him winning the badge that he was gonna try
to get the next day. But his dreams turned into nightmares of Ice, his new mortal enemy, grinning evily, knife flashing in his hand...
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