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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 9

>>>Author’s Note: Since Kevins T-shirt was slashed by the blade, he got himself a new
shirt. It’s a blood red button up shirt with a yin yang symbol on his left side.<<<

In the afternoon, Kevin strolled down the road towrds the Azalea Town Gym, Pichu on
his shoulder, dark storm clouds billowing overhead. Kevin arrived outside the glass dome
gym and saw a sign. It read:

Azalea Pokemon Gym
Leader: Bugsy: The Walking Bug Pokemon Encyclopedia

“Well, lets go” said Kevin taking a deep breath and he pushed open the heavy double
doors. It seemed he had walked into a jungle, vines hanging from trees. It was very dark
as it was about to rain and the canopy of trees blocked out a lot of light. He walked
carefully through the dense foliage, brushing cobwebs away from his face. A lighting bolt
streaked across the sky and it began to rain, the water droplets thundering down on the
glass dome ceiling. Bright flood lights flicked on, lighting up the green house, and Kevin
could see he was standing in a clearing with a huge oak tree growing in the centre, great
branches spreading throughout the gym.

“Who goes there? called a voice from the tree above.

“I’m Kevin Sun from the town of New Bark!” said Kevin to the tree top. “I’m here to
challenge the Gym Leader and win myself a badge!”

“Challenge accepted!” yelled the voice and a boy, about 12, dropped to ground from out
of the tree. He was wearing, khaki shorts and shirt and his dark purple hair stuck out in all

“For I am Bugsy, the leader of this gym” he continued. “Lets get started! Three pokemon
each! Go Heracross!” and his pokemon leapt from the ball. It was a blue bug, about five
feet tall and had a great big horn protruding from its head.

Kevin got out his pokedex:

<Heracross> <Singlehorn Pokemon>

<This fighting/bug pokemon has a two pronged horn that it uses to throw its enemys. This
pokemon is usually docile but is a very strong and should be approached with caution>

“Fine with me! Go Charmander!” yelled Kevin and threw the pokeball onto the field. He
figured that because fire had an advantage against bug type he had a good chance of
winning. Charmander leapt from the pokeball, swishing its tail, heating up the air around

“Heracross! Tackle!” yelled Bugsy and his pokemon charged at Charmander striking it in
the stomach.

“Charmander use Ember!” yelled Kevin and shot out fire and brimstone, striking it in the
face. It shook the ashes from its face, hurt but still able to fight.

“Heracross! Use Megapunch!” ordered Bugsy and Heracross swung at Charmander with a
clawed fist. Charmander ducked under it and rammed its head into the bugs underbelly in
a headbutt attack. Heracross fell backwards.

“Good stuff Charmander!” said Kevin.

“Heracross use Horn Attack!” yelled Bugsy and Heracross flicked open its shell which
revealed buzzing wings and it flew over and rammed its horn into Charmander, knocking
it to the ground.

“Now finish it off with a Seismic Toss!” yelled Bugsy and Heracross thrust its
two-pronged horn under Charmnder, lifted and threw it over its shoulder. Charmander
flew through the air.

“Charmander, somersault and land!” yelled Kevin desperately. “Then use Flamethrower!”

Charmander spun in the air and landed on all fours. It lifted its head and blasted a searing
hot Flamethrower at Heracross. Heracross was sent flying into the trunk of the great tree
and it slumped to the ground.

“Heracross Return!” said Bugsy, recalling his worn out Heracross. “You are very good,
son of The Dragon Trainer.”

“Thanks” said Kevin. “But don’t call me that!”

“Lets see how you do versus... Yanma Go!” called Bugsy sending out a pokeball. It
sprung open revealing a red dragonfly-like-pokemon with big green eyes. Kevin flipped
open his pokedex:
<Yanma> <Clear Wing Pokemon>
<This flying/bug pokemon’s eyes can scan 360 degrees. It can look in all directions to
track its enemys movements. If it flaps its wings hard enough it can cause shock waves
that can shatter glass>

“Ok Charmander use ember!” said Kevin and Charmander blasted red hot embers at

“Yanma, whirlwind!” yelled Bugsy. The Yanma flapped its wings, blowing the embers
back into Charmanders face, knocking to the ground.

“Finish it off with a Sonicboom!” ordered the gym leader and Yanma flapped its wings at
an incredible pace. All of a sudden the was a huge bang and Charmander was sent
skidding through dirt. Its tail-fire was very low.

“Good work Charmander, Return!” said Kevin returning his pokemon. Pichu squeaked as
if to say it was ready for battle.

“No Pichu its not your turn” he said and he unclipped a pokeball from his belt and
through it onto the arena. It opened and out came...

“A Chikorita?” said Bugsy doubtfully. “Don’t you know that grass pokemon are weak
versus bug? You don’t have chance!”

“Type isn’t everything you know! Chikorita Razor leaf!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita spun
its head leaf like a propellar and shot out three razor sharp leaves at Yanma.

“Yanma, use agility!” yelled Bugsy and Yanma dodged the leaves with ease. It then began
zipping all over the stadium at incredible speeds.

“Go on!” taunted Bugsy. “Hit my pokemon, if you can!”

Kevin ground his teeth. “Chikorita, try another Razor leaf!” Chikorita swung its head leaf
again sending sharp leaves at Yanma but the dragonfly pokemon just dodged them aswell.
Then Kevin had an idea.

“Chikorita use Sweetscent!” A pink vapour wafted from Chikoritas leaf and up into the
air filling the arena. Yanma, entoxicated by the smell, slowed down considerably.

“Now use your Vinewhip to wrap around Yanma!” said Kevin smiling and Chikorita shot
out two vines and wrapped them around Yanma, trapping its wings. Unable to fly it
couldn’t escape the grass pokemon’s grip.

“Now use slam attack!”ordered Kevin. Lightning flashed over head. Chikorita swung its
vines and slammed Yanma into the ground.

“Clever, quite clever” Bugsy muttered to himself, recalling his pokemon. He threw out a
pokeball and it opened revealing a beautiful butterfly pokemon with blue wings. Kevin
looked it up.

<Butterfree> <The Butterfly Pokemon>
<This bug pokemon is the fully evolved form of Caterpie. It flaps its wings very fast,
filling the air with toxic dust such as Sleep powder, to put an enemy to sleep, and
Stunspore which paralyses>

“Butterfree, use tackle!” yelled Bugsy and Butterfree swooped down and rammed into

“Chikorita use Vinewhip!” ordered Kevin and Chikorita lashed out with its vines, striking
the bug pokemon. It recovered quickly.

“Now use Confusion!” yelled Bugsy. The room went dark, even though the bright lights
were still on. It seemed that Butterfree was sucking the light out of the gym and into
itself. Rainbow patterns began to trace themselves around Butterfrees wings. It was so
bright that Kevin had to shield his eyes. All of a sudden there was a blinding flash and
Chikorita was out cold. The room returned to normal as Kevin returned his Chikorita and
chose his last pokemon.

“Pidgey I choose you!” yelled Kevin and he released his bird pokemon out onto the arena.

“Pidgey Gust attack!” Pidgey flapped its wings, sending strong winds towards butterfree.

“You to Butterfree!” yelled Bugsy and the bug pokemon flapped its wings aswell,
blasting a gust of wind at Pidgey. Butterfree, being the bigger of the two pokemon and
having the stronger gust attack, blew Pidgey out of the air. It crashed to the ground.

“Your little Pidgey is no match for my butterfree!” taunted Bugsy as Butterfree hovered
in the air.

“Come on you can do it Pidgey” said Kevin to his pokemon. “Your my only chance to
beat him. Do it for me Pidgey, we need that badge!”

Lightning flashed as Pidgey rose to its feet. It chirped loudly, and in a flash of light began
to evolve. It turned into a white substance and grew in size and in a few seconds there
stood a Pidgeotto. The clouds parted revealing the sun. It spread its wings and its
feathered crest shone pink and its tail feathers were pink and yellow. Its sharp beak
glinted in the sunlight.

“All right!” said Kevin disbelieving. The first pokemon he had ever caught had just
evolved right before his eyes. “There is no way I can lose now!”

“We’ll just see about that!” said Bugsy. “Butterfree Tackle!”
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