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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 10

Ilex forest was a dark and dank place and Kevin walked carefully along the path, Pichu on
his shoulder. The canopy was so thick that the sunlight couldn’t penetrate to the forest
floor. It was unnaturally quiet and Kevin shivered in the darkness. His stomach was
complaining so he turned to Pichu.

“You think we should stop?” he asked his little pokemon. Pichu nodded and squeaked
hungrilly. He unstrapped his bag and rested against a tree. He let out Chikorita and
Totodile to help gather some firewood. Once he had amassed enough wood he released
Charmander from its pokeball and told it to use an ember on it. Kevin let out Pidgeotto to
fan the embers and soon they were all sitting in front of a crackling fire and they cast
flickering shadows on the surrounding trees.

Kevin undid his fathers necklace and showed it to his pokemon.

“Look guys!” he said beaming at them. “We only need 6 more badges until we can enter
the pokemon league!”

His pokemon squeaked, chirped and growled happily.

“I couldn’t have done this without you! You are the best pokemon a guy could ever

All the pokemon gathered around him, hugging him to show they loved their trainer.

“Thanks you guys!” he said and he placed his necklace on a nearby rock, Zephyr and
Hive badges shining in the fire light, so they all could admire it. They had a flame grilled
lunch and sat back and relaxed, enjoying each others company. With food in their bellys
and a cozy fire, all of Kevin’s pokemon nodded off one by one. Kevin thought about
things as he looked around at his sleeping pokemon.

“I only have five pokemon” he thought to himself closing his eyes. “Most trainers usually
have at least six pokemon before they get their first badge. I need to catch another...”

He opened his eyes to admire his badges. They weren’t there.

“Oh damn it!” he said flicking his eyes across the campsite. They were nowhere to be
seen! All that hard work for nothing he thought. But then he saw them. A hand was
dangling from the canopy and hanging from a finger, was his necklace.

“Hey give it here!” yelled Kevin.

A round purple face with a big grin protuded from the foliage and laughed at him.

“Its a pokemon!” said Kevin excitedly as he flipped open his pokedex. The pokemon
continued to pull faces as the mechanical voice spoke:

<Aipom> <Long Tail Pokemon>

<This playful pokemon lives in the tops of very tall trees. When leaping from branch to
branch, it deftly uses its amazing tail as an extra limb, helping to move quickly through
the trees. Has been known to steal things from people>

“You little thief!” Kevin taunted. “I’m gonna catch you!”

Aipom laughed at his threat, leapt to the lower branches and ran. Kevin ran after it,
leaving his pokemon by the fire. The monkey pokemon leapt from one branch to another,
the necklace swinging on its tail. Kevin sprinted after it, pulse racing, as he struggled to
keep up with the pokemon. He was beginning to lose ground, the aipom getting further in
front. Then Kevin had an idea.

“Fast Ball Go!” he yelled, plucking the orange and yellow ball from his belt and hurling it
at the purple pokemon. The fast ball sped towards Aipom. It struck aipom on the back of
the head and opened to suck the pokemon inside as a red energy. The necklace and the
fast ball fell to the ground and Kevin ran over and picked up his fathers necklace. He
turned and saw the Fast Ball rock from side to side, the aipom trying to escape...

Ping! The ball locked.

“Yeah I did it!” said Kevin triumphantly and he clipped the ball to his belt. He made his
way back to camp.
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