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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

When he arrived his pokemon were all looking confused.

“Its okay guys!” he said happily. “We have a new friend! Come on out Aipom!”

Kevin held out the fastball and it opened. White energy leapt out and formed into a
smiling Aipom.

“Aipom, this is Totodile, Pichu, Pidgeotto, Charmander and Chikorita!” said Kevin
pointing to each pokemon in turn. “Say hello guys!”

Kevins pokemon squeaked, chirped and growled to Aipom. The monkey pokemon waved
with its tail hand.

After Kevin had given Aipom something to eat, he told Totodile to use water gun on the
fire, dousing the flames. Once Kevin had returned all his pokemon and Pichu was on his
shoulder, he strapped his bag to his back and continued on his way.

He walked for awhile thinking about his latest capture. Kevin was now content. He had
six pokemon.

He continued along , beams of light finding their way through the dense canopy, to
criss-cross the path. He stumbled into a clearing where there was no trees and the sun
beamed down at Kevin in all its brightness. A twig snapped to his left. He whirled around
to see a two headed shadow coming towards him.

“Arghh!!” cried Kevin. Falling over backwards. “A two headed monster!”

“Hahaha!” laughed the monster. “Your an idiot Kevin! Its me!”

“Storm?” said Kevin. The figure stepped out from the trees and into the light. It was
Storm, pale blue hair blowing in the wind, a Hoothoot perched on his right shoulder.

“Hey Kevin!” said Storm laughing, helping Kevin to his feet. “Hows it going?”

“All good” said Kevin, brushing himself off,” I just caught my sixth pokemon; an
Aipom” he replied proudly.

“Six?” said Storm disbelieving. “I just caught this Hoothoot and shes my seventeenth!”

“You have seventeen pokemon?” said Kevin surprised and annoyed.

“Yeah” said Storm acting as though it was not a big deal. “Hey why don’t I show you a
few in a battle?”

“You’re on! Three pokemon each!”said Kevin. “Go Pidgeotto!”

“Fine with me, Meowth I choose you!” yelled Storm. The two pokeballs flew towards
each other, opened and released the pokemon. The cat pokemon Meowth drew its claws
and Pidgeotto soared up into the sky.

“Pidgeotto gust attack!” called Kevin to the sky. Pidgeotto flapped its wings blasting a
mini tornado at the meowth.

“Meowth Endure!” ordered Storm. Meowth dug its claws into the ground and the gust
attack whipped past causing little damage.

“Pidgeotto! Dive down and use quick attack!” yelled Kevin and Pidgeotto tucked in its
wing and plummetted towards the cat pokemon.

“Meowth Jump!” yelled Storm and at the last second, meowth leapt over Pidgeotto, out of
harms way. “Now use swift attack!”

Meoth conjured up little yellow stars in its paws and it hurled them up in the air. The stars
streaked across the sky, striking Pidgeotto. It was hurt but still able to do battle.

“Pidgeotto, dive again!” ordered Kevin and Pidgeotto spiralled towards meowth.

“Meowth, use payday!” yelled Storm. Meowth began blasting out golden coins from it’s
charm towards the diving Pidgeotto. Kevin’s bird pokemon swooped between the coins
and streaked towards Meowth. Pidgeotto struck the cat pokemon, blasting it to the
ground. It rolled away, eyes spinning.

“Meowth return!” said Storm recalling his fainted pokemon. “Was that the Pidgey you
used against me the first time we battled?”

“Sure is!” said Kevin proudly. “It evolved when I battled against Bugsy!”

“You’ve trained it well, but it won’t be able to defeat...Elekid Go!” he said hurling a
pokeball onto the field. It opened revealing an Elekid, the same Elekid that had saved
Kevins life in Slowpoke Well. An image of Ice appeared in Kevins head. He rubbed his
scar beneath his shirt, remembering the Rockets words... ‘I will kill you Son of the
Dragon trainer’.....

Kevin shivered. Storms voice brought him back to the present.

“Elekid use Thundershock!” yelled storm and Elekid rotated its arms, built up enough
electricity, and unleashed the attack towards Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto Agility!” yelled Kevin and Pidgeotto dissappeared in a flash and reappeared
behind Elekid.

“Use Peck attack Pidgeotto” yelled Kevin and the bird pokemon plunged its beak into
Elekids back. Elekid cried out in pain.

“Spin around and use thunderpunch!” ordered Storm and Elekid spun and punched
Pidgeotto in the gut, electricity flying from its fist. Pidgeotto fell to the ground in a
crumpled mass of feathers.

“Pidgeotto Return!” said Kevin and he plucked a pokeball from his belt. “Chikorita Go!”

Chikorita leapt from the pokeball, red eyes glistening.

“Elekid, Quick attack!” yelled Storm. Elekid dashed towards Chikorita, head down,
ramming Chikorita down.

“Chikorita Razor Leaf!” ordered Kevin and Chikorita spun the leaf on its head, firing
razor edged leaves at Elekid. The leaves slashed Elekid as they darted towards it. Elekid
fell to the ground.

“Quick Chikorita, use Vine whip” yelled Kevin grinning. “Wrap your vines around it!”

Chikorita shot out its vines from its neck, wrapping them around Elekid’s middle. It then
lifted Elekid in the air and slammed it into the ground, again and again. Storm had to
think fast or he was going to lose this round. An idea popped into his head.

“Elekid Thundershock!” he yelled and his pokemon blasted out electricity. It travelled
through Chikorita’s vines like they were wires, zapping Chikorita into paralysis. All of its
energy gone, Elekid fainted.

“Chikorita return!” said Kevin returning his grass pokemon.

“Elekid return!” said Storm, recalling his pokemon.

“This is it!” said Kevin. “Last round, I choose you...Aipom!”

Kevin threw out the fast ball. It opened and white light gushed out, forming into the little
monkey pokemon. It grinned cheekily, bouncing on its three fingered tail.

“Ok, go Houndour!” yelled Storm hurling a pokeball onto the field. It opened revealing
the dog pokemon. Its black coat shone and its teeth glittered. It was in real good
condition. Kevin had heard that Houdour were pretty tough so he checked his pokedex:

<Houndour> <The Dark Pokemon>

<This ferocious, Fire/Dark pokemon is very intelligent. As it is a pack hunter, it uses
howls and barks while hunting to know the location of others of its kind so it can easily
circle and trap its prey. Approach with extreme caution>

“Be careful Aipom” said Kevin. The little monkey nodded.

“Houndour Ember!” yelled Storm. Houdour reared its head back and breathed out
burning ashes at Aipom. Aipom used its tail like a spring and leapt away from the attack.

“Give it a Headbutt!” yelled Kevin. Aipom dived at Houndour striking it on the head with
its own. Houndour fell back on to its hind legs. Aipom, being young, fell backwards also,
dazed from the attack.

“Houndour Flamethrower!” ordered Storm. Houndours howl echoed through the forest as
it unleashed its Flamethrower sending a blast of flames at Aipom. The monkey pokemon
only just managed to evade the attack.

“Aipom doubleslap!” yelled Kevin and Aipom darted over and slapped Houndour across
the face with its tail three times. The Houndour clamped its jaws down on the monkeys
tail. Aipom squealed and jumped away from the wolf pokemon. Aipoms eyes flashed
menacingly as it drew back its fist. Its hand glowed with a white light and Aipom swung
its fist at Houndours jaw. The dog pokemon was sent soaring through the air and fell
heavily to the ground. It was out cold.

“Yeah we won!”cheered Kevin. “Aipom return!” and he returned his grinning pokemon.
Storm returned his pokemon and approached Kevin.

“That was great” said Storm and he shook Kevins hand. Pichu and Hoothoot waved at
eachother. “I’ll beat you yet!” said Storm and he turned and walked into the forest out of

Kevin looked up at the sun beaming down on him, took a deep breath and strolled back
into the cover of the trees.
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