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Default Re: [WAR] Twisted Mirror [PG]

5 Hatred Runs

The time it took for me to adjust to the times at Saffron City was longer than that of the horrific times at the swamp. I guess the problem at the swamp was that I did have to survive in order to even try to adjust to the life at the swamp, or rather I would actually have to adjust faster in order to survive. Then again, I had to get used to interacting with people, which wasn't part of the deal in the swamp. Sure I had to deal with people in the swamp, but it generally consisted of people laying down dead or unconscious afterwards. I guess either way it mattered not. There was one thing that struck me as strange while inside the city. It had seemed that the entire city had little in terms of rationing or even dropping unnecessary services that could then be converted in for the war effort. It had seemed that they wanted people to think that they were not in a war, and that the safest place was within the city at the heart of Kanto.

As I entered the City of Gold, the childish characteristics I had slowly lost long ago within the swamp arose. The first word I had spoken was, “Is there ice cream?”

Apparently that struck a strange chord within Heather. The thing was that miss Fedric there was an avid fan of ice cream, much more so than Rebecca. Within seconds, she dragged me to her favourite ice cream spot in the entire city and ordered three mint chocolate ice creams on a cone, one for me, and two for the twins. However, instead of eating the ice cream, Rebecca was merely holding the cone so Heather could finish both. I couldn't help but laugh, and Rebecca pouted in mild rage, while winking at me anyway. To a certain extent, I thought that their trust in me as a person grew. That would be a very good thing, as I knew the Fedrics have much to offer in terms of money, and their production of munitions had been in an all-time high, not to mention the profits associated with that.

From the corner of my eye, however, I noticed that the ice cream parlour saw the twins as idols of their city, and saw me as a threat with their shifty and furious eyes. I was sure that none of the two twins noticed such things. Of course, this hatred towards me gave me an idea to monopolize all of Saffron under my control, even if I had to use puppets such as the twins to get there. The profits I would make there would be endless. There would seem to be the problem of prolonging this war for me to have continual grasp on the city, and that would be a problem that I would have to deal with sooner or later.

I had decided to stay. Nights were spent at a small house I had gotten for my services just outside of Saffron, as it was literally impossible to find a place to live in the City of Gold, due to the slight inconvenience of my being a peasant, and a hated peasant who would defile their idols. The fact that it would have been inconvenient if I were to stay in Saffron - as I would need to report to Gengar every now and then – made this deal more attractive. Mornings I would usually have to get into the city, which generally consisted of psychologically attacking the gate guard into letting me into the city, and report for my duty to be the twins' bodyguard. I must admit, the pay for this job was much higher than I expected. It was always pleasant to have icing on the cake.

Reporting to Gengar was only a matter of finding the correct channel he was in, and report all movements in Saffron. It sounded much easier than it was done. Most of the time I had to physically head to Lavender Town under the dark of night to find the correct psychic channel for my report. It was a good thing that I thought about that early on and just stayed outside Saffron city, as reporting to Gengar would have been a nightmare otherwise. The information never did anything other than make Lavender Town impermeable to their enemy due west. Gengar seemed to have an idea of prolonging this war for as long as possible. At times I wondered why he wanted to prolong this war, but judging from our perspectives, it didn't really matter. Neither one of us cared for this war, and both of us wanted to reap the benefits of these long wars, him for whatever his reasoning was, and mine to gain money.

At times I wandered the Fedric tower, the enterprise where all the action was going on. Military equipment of all sorts, and the like built by millions of workers day-in and day-out. They all feared me. It was given that was the reason why I was “purchased” to be the twins' bodyguard. They could not stand that. Their idols, under the hands of a monster. Skirmishes occurred at times, where they would attempt to drive me off, and I would, in turn, destroy them without causing any bodily harm, a psychological attack of sorts, as I slowly root and probe for their weaknesses, and made them suffer for dealing with me. It was subtle almost to the point that they didn't believe it was me. I needed that if I wanted to become a hero.

There was, however, one event that made hatred run. It was a surprise attack from the Alakazams from the east. Apparently they were not satisfied with the work of Gengar, and demanded that this batch must enter and crush Saffron. This also begged the question of why they didn't just go in to crush Gengar with an Alakazam army, but I was guessing that Gangar had worked his way out of everything.

The army itself was 30,000 strong, which outnumbered the defenders 3 to 1. Not only that, the main forces were fighting at Mount. Moon, which was at that time under the control of the New Gens. This meant that there would be no reinforcements coming to the aid of the defenders. If the defenders couldn't hold off the enemy, that would be the end of Saffron, and it would be a large blow to the allied forces. That would be a real problem in prolonging this war.

It was then that I stepped in with preemptive information from Gengar. This information, I kindly relayed back up to the top. Of course, they did not believe me. It didn't matter, however, I was going to become a hero for the twins. I'm not actually sure what was the motivation for this was, though. I guess by that time the twins grew on me enough that things would just work.

The planned night came; the army was on time. I alone stood just outside of allied sight range. And there, I began the massacre. After all, they couldn't kill what they couldn't see, even if they were psychic. Several well placed fissures from Smeargle thrice decimated the opposing army, as cracks of the earth sealed them from above, and curshed them, essentially buried alive. It was the perfect combination, invisibility from the blessings of Gengar and a powerful finisher from my Smeargle.

As the battle raged on, many of the enemy made it past, and fought with the Saffron defenders. Of course, by then, I had to join the defenders and lead them through the battle. However, it was a completely unfair fight, and the information that they were psychic made it incredibly easy for Saffron. It was similar to that of knowing the mechanism of a mouse trap; break the trap's inner workings, and the trap would be rendered useless against the rat. The psychics were completely crushed by the defenders even if they had 70% of their forces still alive for their assault.

I had become the hero of town when the sun rose.

Attitudes of humans can change rather quickly, as the dark one had beome to hero. I wasn't sure if Gengar had planned this from the beginning, since I was a powerful figure after that attack. Not only that, I was one who can find Gengar the most information. Most importantly, however, were the twins. They found a man that they could finally be with. I was glad that the man was me.

Yes, I sly learned more about the two twins. It became a pleasure to probe more and more about them, and dive deeper and deeper into their lives. I wanted to learn as much about them as possible, more so than learning about myself. I was intoxicated by their charm, their characteristics, their looks, their every move, breath, and their existence. It first started as a profit-based interest, but it grew to something bigger. There was no longer just “I”, but “us”. They had become the reason for me to continue on, and I knew from then on that I needed to protect them for the rest of their lives.

It was not long until our relationships grew, and the darkness that surrounded me had all but shattered itself. It was a blissful time, more so than that of the beginning. My engagment with the twins soon became the news and the talk in town. “Hero takes idol brides!”, “Deserving man carries pride of Saffron!”, and other similar headings flew around with every single newspaper in town. That news had gotten to Gengar, of course, but it wasn't of any concern to him.

A wedding there was, but it was relatively quiet after the initial craze. We never really want to deal with all those people with our own business anyway. I preferred it this way, as I would not have to deal with those former enemies anyway.

It wasn't long until the days of bliss changed itself. It was still a time of war. I still had obligations to whomever I was entitled to. There was still one thing that I didn't understand at that time. Why did Gengar act so passively? It would seem strange to not want to crush the humans. He was hiding something from me, and everyone else. It was something that I cared not about either.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1 year after the initial relese, another chapter. -.-
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