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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Eh...I suppose I'll try this.

Name: Chaos Power Dragon
Contact Details: (I'd prefer it if you use PMs. I check them more often than my e-mail. Which is like once a week.)
PM?: Erm...Yes?
Fandom: Pokemon, occasional Yu-gi-oh!/GX, Fantasy
Warnings: 1: I'm not on that often. 2: Sometimes it takes a while for me to get Chapter 2 out. Some fics I made have sat for months in my computer still on prolouges. But then, those sucked more than some two-year-olds' scribblings. 3: I suck. There is no doubt about it. So, if you beta my stories, be ready for work. And lots of it.

*looks over form* I have serious doubts about this. And I'm rarely serious about stuff like this.
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What...happened to me? Why am I like this?

What would you do if your dreams were crushed in an instant? What would you do if you had to be what you've always loved...yet never understood? What would you do...if you were a pokemon?

Book One: The Veil of Shadows

And only the beginning.

Chapter Two finished, Prologue posted.

I plot to rule the world. When I do, you can have a cookie. Thank you.

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