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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Originally Posted by Chaos Power Dragon View Post
Eh...I suppose I'll try this.

Name: Chaos Power Dragon
Contact Details: (I'd prefer it if you use PMs. I check them more often than my e-mail. Which is like once a week.)
PM?: Erm...Yes?
Fandom: Pokemon, occasional Yu-gi-oh!/GX, Fantasy
Warnings: 1: I'm not on that often. 2: Sometimes it takes a while for me to get Chapter 2 out. Some fics I made have sat for months in my computer still on prolouges. But then, those sucked more than some two-year-olds' scribblings. 3: I suck. There is no doubt about it. So, if you beta my stories, be ready for work. And lots of it.

*looks over form* I have serious doubts about this. And I'm rarely serious about stuff like this.
I'll beta your fanfiction happily. Just be warned that I may take time to reply to your requests, as I am busy with my own fanfiction. Bout don't worry. Within four days of your Chapter being sent, I'll reply. PM me when you're ready with the first Chapter/Prologue.


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