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Default Re: Pokemon Colosseum Pre-Order Offer Begins!

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
For Jirachi's info, i'll quote the following from PE2K's pokedex:
Base Stats
Hit Points: 100
Attack: 100
Defense: 100
Special Attack: 100
Special Defense: 100
Speed: 100

Serene Grace: Promotes added effects.

Wish Lv. -
Confusion Lv. -
Rest Lv. 5
Swift Lv. 10
Helping Hand Lv. 15
Psychic Lv. 20
Refresh Lv. 25
Rest Lv. 30
Double-Edge Lv. 35
Future Sight Lv. 40
Cosmic Power Lv. 45
Doom Desire Lv. 50
NEVER MIND !! I put him on my game and you get him at LV 5 and he comes with Wish, Confusin and, Rest.

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