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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Originally Posted by Milos View Post
Age: 14
Preferred Fandoms: Pokemon and, if this pops up, Naruto
Contact Details
AIM: MaskedWriter06
PM?: Yes.
Writing History: I've been writing ever since I've been in fifth grade. My fifth grade Language Arts teacher got a haiku of mine published in the local newpaper, and in an Anthology I can't currently remember. Also, she got one of my short stories published in the Anthology of Short Stories (Edit. 2003 Vol. XXX). After that, most of my writing has been relatively centered with class assignments, though every once in a while, I hit a spur that gives me this awesome idea, but it fades after a week (I was working on a twenty one page story, but I lost on of the pages, and I trashed it all, finding the missing page the following day...
*Member of GPS: No, I haven't, but once school starts (better time for me to start writing), I will.
*Preferences: I don't really have any current Preferences, though anything Naruto would be okay.
*Hates: Nothing really.
Writing Sample: I'll see what I can find or write up.
Well, if you read the rules, you'll realize that you are suposed to PM OR E-MAIL the form to me so that I can except it, and then post it. That's the rule, so read them again and follow the rules if you wish to apply correctly.

Thank you, and have a nice day.
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