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Default Re: Complete Recap: 2006 Pokemon TCG World Championships!

Originally Posted by xXNintendoXx View Post
Wow! It seems like a fun event! Unfrotunately, I couldn't go. I live in California, but I don't even know how to play the Trading Card Game!
If you go to events like this, you can learn at the event. They have people there that can teach you. You can also go through the online demo to learn the TCG here:
Originally Posted by Poltergeist View Post
Hmm I wish I could see some of these pros decks to see what makes them rock!
You can! They choose four winning decks from the winners, and then make them available as pre-constructed decks (sold them for $10.99 per deck last year). These cards will have a special card backs to them (they're not giving you all these rare cards for 10 bucks, lol, so they're clearly marked on the back). So they have a special backs to them, but it doesn't matter, because you still get a card for card replica of a real winners deck.
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