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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Okay, since I just got accepted:

Name: Neo Pikachu
Age: 24
Preferred Fandoms: Adventure/Fantasy, Comedy
Contact Details:
AIM: Neo Pikachu82
PM?: Yes
Writing History: Started off really getting into story writing in my Freshman year of high school, starting with a short story called “Seron,” which was honestly pretty shabby. Shortly after that came “Wings of Virtue” and “The Rainbow Halo,” back in a time I had a strange obsession with angels. “Wings of Virtue” ended up being completed, the results in my opinion were just so-so. “The Rainbow Halo” never met completion and never will. Both of them were set in a Medieval time period, but brought very little of anything new to the table. Plotline also left something to be desired.

Once high school was done, I then moved on to college and started writing “The Forgotten Five,” a short, 100-page story about the lost children of the legendary bird Phoenix. Now this, actually had a great storyline and an excellent ending, but I ruined it with a crappy sequel that I never finished. Big mistake.

Shortly after, around Sophomore year, I wrote “Twisted Fate,” which was designed to be humorous and comical story, but when all was said and done, it ended up being kind of stupid when I reread it. The story was about five friends who find themselves in the most ridiculous of situations, magically turned into flower dancers by an evil and corrupt fairy (now you can see where this got stupid). Was about 350 pages long in MS Word, the biggest story I’ve ever written, besides Trial of Juno II. I don’t consider it a waste of time as much as… a place to figure out what went wrong to improve.

After that came “The Silver Talon,” which started off fantastic and really plowed on strong and had a great storyline, one being of a war of religions rather than just lands, the religion of Arrowsaw against the Seto religion. Also, hidden among their ranks was the mysterious “Dracos,” which were actually pure-blooded dragons under a human disguise (inspired by the “Brood” in Breath of Fire) I loved writing this for the longest time and then it hit lethal hole and I found it hard to keep the story progressing, until it eventually became impossible to write.

And then, around senior year or so, I started writing “The Black Sands,” (I’m not 100% sure on the name, I haven’t looked at that one in a long time) which started off about a group of gun-loving raiders called the Blackblades that get overthrown by a country that loves nothing more than being locked in it’s Medieval time period state, and uses the all-seeing Equinox (A being without any physical form) to tear apart their enemies. Shortly after, the Blackblades are forced to join one of the last military organizations alive, simply because of a mystical being called “Lesalas,” a creature very similar to Lugia who has the power to block out Equinox’s powers. A good and original idea, but never finished. To me, I had a quick and easy way to end the story but it would have been pretty abruptly. Also… I made the painful mistake of making way too many characters.

When that was said and done, I found PE2K and started writing Pokémon fan fiction instead. A few fics popped up here and there but none of them compared to what Trial of Juno I and II had become. “Road to Palantria” came close but never finished, something from the story screwed up the plotline. I then tried to rewrite Road to Palantria as “Legacy of Darzaras,” just without the Pokémon this time. It’s doing okay, a little stuck in the mud at the moment but it can get back into gear again.

And now, I’m writing “Black Rescue Team: Genesis Beyond” as the new story I’m working on, based on the upcoming Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. And the point of this writing, it’s about 29 pages and still going on strong.

Member of GPS: No, and I really should be…
Preferences: My preference on Beta writing would be to read Adventure/Fantasy fan fictions, since… as you can see above, I’ve worked on them for so long, even if some of them never got done. Many of them required me to discover the hard way how important it is to keep plotline in mind when writing a story, and Trial of Juno I and II really told me “Yep, you’ve got it now.” Since it’s the genre I love and that I have plenty of experience writing, I’d rather Beta read those kinds of stories.
Hates: Trainer/Journey Fan Fictions. To me, I’m so used to reading and writing stories of Adventure/Fantasy nature, and the big thing I dislike about Trainer/Journey fan fictions is they all seem to be the same, and seem to be far too common.
Writing Sample:Trial of Juno I, Trial of Juno II, Black Rescue Team: Genesis Beyond

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