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Default Re: The PE2K Beta Company

Well, I have been accepted, so here it is:

Name: Tyranitar_Trainer

*Age: 19

Preferred Fandoms (this shouldn’t be a problem but just in case non pokemon fanficcers want to be beta’d): Heh, mostly anime, but I can beta all sorts of things

Contact Details: (E-mail address(es), IM handles, etc.), TTar Trainer (AIM chat), sayorian_arunei (Yahoo chat)

PM?: (note if you shall receive applicants via pm) Yes

Writing History: (A brief history of your writing. Providing a link of a good fic will help considerably) Heh, well, I've been writing things ever since I was in second or third grade. I always got high marks in Reading and Langauge Arts classes, and writing is one of the things I do most in my spare time.

I didn't start actually working on fanfics, though, until sometime around a year or so after Pokemon came out. Before that, I didn't watch much anime, and didn't even know what fanfiction was. But I slowly got into it, and now fanfictions are my preferred style of writing. However, I do a lot of original things as well, though I don't post them for various reasons.

*Member of GPS: (Doesn’t matter, but you may receive a promotion in the group…) Yes, and I REALLY need to get my results in for the last contest ...

*Preferences: (Anything you shall make sure to beta) One Piece fics, anything related to Vampires/Zombies/Werewolves, horror and comedy fics

*Hates: (Anything you don’t wish to beta – ratings included) Romance...really, I'm finding I like Romance less and less. Also, please, no Trainer fics unless they are somehow original

(If you don’t fill in above two fields, you shall receive anything)

Writing Sample: Can be found in my post for the Story Archive, though direct links can be asked for. For the best examples, read False Appearances and Keepers of the Legends. Also, on, if you want you can search for Keepers of the Light. It's in the Vampire Hunter D fanfic section (under Anime).

Heh, whoo. Just out of curiosity, can we more experienced writers use this too? I hope so, because I might start have people beta my updates for Keepers of the Legends before I post them up ^^.
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