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Default Re: New Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Screenshots: Pokemon Transfers!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
New Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Screenshots: Pokemon Transfers!

New screenshots of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl have surfaced in a Japanese gaming magazine (based on the images, it's apparently from Coro Coro). Some information about the trading system was revealed. Pokemon transfers to the Diamond/Pearl games will be limited to 6 Pokemon per day. A new status screen will display the date you obtained the Pokemon on your game. It seems that Pokemon you transfer to Diamond/Pearl needs to be re-captured using Park Balls at a park in the game. This should not be confused with the Safari Zone, which hasn't been confirmed with this latest news (the screenshots shows a Park Ball being used, not a Safari Ball).

Magazine Image (Click to Enlarge)

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Awsome. :D Now I'm happy because we can catch pikachu in it and what's with these park balls stuff. 0.o
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