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Talking Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

my team has beat everyone in my school im very pleased


raichu lvl 100 (starter as a pikachu thunder stone)

kabutops lvl 100 (i have no idea how i got this )

aerodactyl lvl 100 (got it on lvl 43 in trade)

chancey lvl 100 (safari zone very hard to catch)

starmie lvl 78 (very hard to train )

mewtwo lvl 100 (found in some cave i defeated ash in i think)


dragonite lvl 100 (gamecorner as lvl5 dratini)

typhlosion lvl99 (starter as lvl 5 cyndiquill)

unknown lvl100 (starter as unknown lvl 10)

pikachu lvl 100 (found in safari zone for some reason)

alakazam lvl 100 (traded as a lvl 50 kadabra)

gengar lvl 100 (traded as lvl 78 haunter)
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