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Default Re: War FanFic: The Tears of Love

At first, Jason seemed to be lost within the darkness of his dreams. But slowly, as he returned to consciousness, sounds of birds chirping seemed to penetrate his mind. Their voices weren’t clear, as if a wall blocked their beautiful songs. His mind continued to push forward, fighting against the fatigue of his body. He could feel a soft material around him, smooth and fuzzy. He was in a bed. Finally, his will pushed all the way through into the real world. Jason slowly opened his eyes.

His pupils quickly adjusted to the bright morning light that shot through the window. Jason turned his head to the side, wincing as he pulled at a knot in his muscles in his neck. Instantly moving up his hand up to his neck, he massaged the tense muscle while continuing to slowly glance around the room. His room appeared to be a medical facility. The white walls only had a few paintings on them, mostly of pokemon within their natural environment. There was only one brown door with a handle on the right side. Functionally stark, the hospital room was meant for medical purposes rather than comfort.

Jason continued to glance around the room. Several pieces of medical equipment surrounded the bed and the far counter below the plastic cabinet. But, as he continued his turn to his right, he saw something, rather someone.

A teenage girl sat calmly in her chair. A concerned expression placated her pale face. Her black hair reached down past her shoulders and down her back, though it was tangled with bits of dirt stuck to it. Her blue jeans and black cotton jacket was covered with grime. Even her brown eyes seemed to glow with concern and weariness. Yet, Jason could see a fire in her eyes, a fire that burned from her heart and soul.

“Good morning.” She said as she uncrossed her arms. Slowly she stood up from her chair and walked over to Jason’s bed. “You had quite a fall last night. Luckily, I was there to save you.”

“Save me?” Jason said, confused. The last thing he remembered was falling off of the cliff. He quickly attempted to sit up, and with some pain in his right leg, thanks to his trip in the rain, he managed to sit up.

“Yes, save you.” The girl coolly replied. She sent over to the bottom of the bed and sat on the side, yet continued to face Jason. “My Ivysaur launched a series of vines that grabbed you during your fall. You almost died.” Concern once again appeared in her eyes. “What were you doing there anyway?”

Jason looked down. He didn’t want to discuss his near suicidal action. For a month, he had kept his feelings to himself, telling no one about his internal despair. And now after his near-death experience, for it was too powerful to be a dream, he felt closer to peace than before. Sarah wished for him to live. He wasn’t sure if he could simply forget his failure; his heart still ached. Yet, he didn’t want to kill himself any longer.

“I…” He began, unsure of how to answer the question. “I was out there to kill myself.” Even though he couldn’t see his rescuers face, he could sense her shock.

“Why?” She asked.

“I lost someone. Someone close. Her death greatly affected me.” After a moment of pause, Jason managed to look up. He caught a glimpse of compassion in the stranger’s eyes before it vanished to be replaced by concern.

“Don’t worry.” He said, trying to reassure her. “I… had a change of heart. I believe that Sarah wants me to live. That I should live my life to the fullest.” He smiled weakly. “Perhaps I just need time to heal.”

The stranger merely nodded. “I’m Melody, by the way.” She said.

“Jason.” He responded. “Melody…. Thank you.”

“Just don’t do it again.” She merely replied and with that, she slid off the bed and walked to the door, exiting quietly.

For a few minutes, Jason mused over this strange young woman, before finally drifting back into a deep slumber.
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